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Keep calm and move on (Ecclesiastes 10:4)

If the anger of the ruler rises against you, do not leave your place,
    for calmness will lay great offenses to rest


Our day to day activities seems just the same yesterday because of routine things we do. Every day in school or at work feels ordinary. Do you want to make your day extraordinary? Then stay calm despite the raging negative emotions surrounding you from your bosses, co-workers or teachers and classmates. Because of too much pressure at work and stress plus family problems, there are people who cannot control their feelings that sometimes the outburst of their anger will be thrown to you. Of course who would not be hurt if that case happens? We are only humans not robots. We have feelings. The fact that somebody shouted at us, curse or call us names, embarrass us in front of people will definitely wound your heart and break it into pieces. Will you still be able to stay calm and be extraordinary?

These negative emotions could be compared to a trash. It is up to you if you are going to catch that trash and let it destroy your day. Life is too precious to be spent with unworthy things. Do not let hatred, anger and vengeance cloud your heart and soul. Always think that there is always a reason behind a change in somebody’s mood and it just so happened that you are the available person to witness it and become its point of exit. Let the words enter your right ear and leave through your left auricle. Do not let it go deep in your core. Keep calm and move on. Tomorrow’s going to be a good day for you. Do not pick up the trashes that somebody else throws at you. Inhale good vibes and exhale negative vibrations.

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