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Impartiality (Isaiah 34:8)

For the LORD has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the cause of Zion.


Partiality. I know you hate it as much as I do. For once or a couple of times in our lifetime, we had and we could experience unfair treatments from our fellowmen. Though we want to avoid it, we cannot control everything.

My grandfather was vying for councilor during the May 2013 Elections. It was supposed to be his third term if given the chance but he loss. He ranked 9th wherein only eighth will be chosen and proclaimed. Sad isn’t it? The 8th placer just got 40 votes ahead of my grandpa. During his first term, he ranked number one, his second term he ranked number 2 and the last election, he just ranked number 9. It was hard to accept but there’s no more we can do but move on. When money is involved, expect the unexpected for vote buying can turn the world upside down. And I thought the people had become wiser? What had happened? Is selling votes considered as a wise decision thinking that the future of the province depends on its leaders? I believed the fact that those candidates tried to bribe their fellowmen should be a reason for voters to cross them out of the list. I believe the used money they had spent will all be paid off once they sit on their positions. Talk about corrupts! It pains me to think of my grandfather…How he wanted to serve.. How he wanted our town to progress. If only…If only…(I know I sound bitter).

Above was my reaction more than a year ago. After days of bitterness, God had reminded me that His plans are far better than ours.

Why dis God allow this to happen? Because I know He has something bigger and better for my grandpa. God has his own reasons and his thought are what’s best for us. What about those who treat us unfairly? God never loses His sight. We are under his 24/7 surveillance. Vengeance is God’s. For every wrong action we make, there is a corresponding consequence.

You don’t want to be treated unfairly? Then do not support partiality.

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