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Better left unsaid (Isaiah 40:8)

The grass withers, the flower fades,but the word of our God will stand forever.


This post is for those who were hurt deeply because of expecting too much from a vow that was broken.

Have you ever applied in a position, was called for an exam, passed the interview and the HR told you that they’ll ring you when up to now you still haven’t heard a thing from them?

Have you ever fall in love with someone at the wrong time, he promised he will wait until you are ready but when you reached the right time you found out that he has fallen out of love and is now happy with his new beau?

Ever had a friend who promised that he will always be there for you yet when the time comes that you need him most, he turned his back on you?

Promises! Promises! Too many promises had already been broken. Sometimes it is much better that these vows were left unsaid than expect for it to happen when actually, it will not. It is like believing into a letter than is written in the sand which will eventually be erased by the flow of the sea.

But, wait a minute! Do not be discouraged for there is still hope, a big hope for all of us who believes in the sovereign power of our Great God. His word stands forever more than words sculpted in a stone. There are thousands of promises He had stated in the Bible and believe me all of it will come to pass. Trust Him and have faith in his words. Never will God leave our side and He will fix our broken hearts and bind up our wounds.

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