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To The Rescue ( Acts 12: 11)

When Peter came to himself, he said, “Now I am sure that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from the hand of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting.”

Last time, I wrote about where is the love which is all about wars in the Philippines and abroad. Where is God amidst the suffering that our fellow Christians are undergoing? This time, it is all aboutGod coming to the rescue.

Because of curiosity, I researched more about ISIS and found a blog that shows the brutal killings of their victims. Decapitated victims head were treated as toys! It was stomach churning!I cannot help but ask myself how on earth will there be a survivor of such brutality? That question lead me to explore about survivors of ISIS. I am so glad I had found an amazing story to share.

Courageous Survivors: How These 3 Women Beat ISIS

Meet ‘Hanifa’

“Hanifa” escaped Syria after fighting between the Syrian government and the Islamic State destroyed her home.

Once there, she landed a job with a Christian organization and started reading the Bible.

“I learned a lot about Jesus,” she recalled. “He’s not just a normal human; He’s God. He cleansed me of my sins. I was dead and now I have a new life.”

A miraculous healing caused Hanifa to leave Sunni Islam. 

Doctors had scheduled surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor so she prayed the operation would be unnecessary.

She said her doctor was surprised moments before the surgery  when he discovered the tumor had miraculously disappeared.

“The doctor kept saying, ‘It’s impossible, it’s impossible! Where’s your tumor? What have you done?'” she recalled.

“I told him I just prayed to God. He said, ‘You are okay. That’s impossible!’ But I didn’t care what he thought because I knew God had healed me!” Hanifa told CBN News.

As a Christian, Hanifa’s life is in jeopardy because she is considered an apostate.

“It is dangerous for me, but Jesus is with me. He is God. He saved me, so he’ll keep me safe. I am not afraid,” she said.

Today, she organizes clothing and other items to distribute to those in need.

As ISIS seeks to eradicate Christianity, Hanifa is trying to increase Christian numbers by sharing her testimony. She said she has a special burden for refugees from Kobani.

“I tell them my story. I want the Kobani people to know Jesus,” she said.

I am so moved of how God works in Hanifa’s life. You see, she was not just saved from the brutal hands of the ISIS, she was rescued from life threatening tumor too. But above all, the most amazing thing is that she knew about Jesus, surrendered her life to Him and now, she is trying to increase Christians by sharing her testimony.

Nothing is impossible with God. He made the difficult test into a testimony. Now Hanifa is being used to share God’s word that many may also be saved, that many will experience His amazing and unconditional love.

Just like Peter and Hanifa, God always comes to the rescue. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The more the devil stops us from proclaiming Jesus, truth and salvation, all the more should we be persistent in spreading the Gospel.



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