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The World’s Super Savior (Isaiah 45:17)

But Israel is saved by the Lord
    with everlasting salvation;
you shall not be put to shame or confounded
    to all eternity.


There are a lot of cases of bullying and discrimination. Some were reported cases while the rest of the victims opted to stay silent because of fear. Not even one of us deserve such maltreatment. The sad thing is that more and more are becoming victims and some chose to end their life, committed suicide to get over the humiliation.

Children of God, life here on Earth will never be easy. If we are not one of those victims stated above, then we should be thankful. However, it shouldn’t stop there. We must pray for them to survive this trial and see the beauty that this life offers. Pray for those who find joy in mocking and humiliating others that they may see the light and be transformed. Do the best that we can to stop bullying and discrimination. Do not be afraid to report known cases to those who are in authority.

If, on the other hand, you or any member of your family is suffering right now from bullying and discrimination, do no lose hope. God sees everything. He is fair and just. Vengeance is His and He will serve what is right. Focus on what God had promised not on what these people who had nothing to do with their life are saying or doing. You are an heir of God, believe His word that He will save you. Christ had already suffered, mocked and died for us that we may not be put to shame, that we may be healed, be set free and live in eternity.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Super Savior (Isaiah 45:17)

  1. I have children, and I am teaching them to fight with bullies but not in a violent way. Thank you for this!

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