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Not in an instant (Isaiah 49: 23)

…..Then you will know that I am the Lord;
    those who hope in me will not be disappointed


I am one of those who hates waiting. I really have this narrow patience span. But you know what? When all you can do is wait, you have no choice! I have waited for two years just to have a job. And I am still waiting for the right man to come along. Sometimes I ask God, “ Don’t you think it it’s unfair Lord? All I do all my life is to wait! I waited for 24 years, I never had a boyfriend because I wanted to obey you. How come in other aspects I still have to wait? I am so sick and tired Lord. When will these postponements ever stop?”

Have you ever been on the same shoes as mine? Haste makes waste. We were used to have what we want in just a wink of the eye. We hate to learn the art of waiting and for this reason, we almost always end up frustrated. What we get is not the best one. If we only know how to wait patiently.

It is those who wait patiently who will most probably receive God’s perfect gift. God said that those who wait for me shall not be put to shame and that includes waiting on God’s will to happen.

There is a reason why God doesn’t give what we want in an instant. He wants us to learn how to be patient. He wants us to develop endurance and he is waiting for the right and perfect time. Wait for your prayers, aspirations and dreams to be ripe before you harvest it.

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