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First love


For the very first time I was given a flower on Valentine’s Day. As simple as it may seem, this piece of token had made my day so special. It was given in the place where I am always reminded of who my first love is. I thank God for my Word of Hope family for making my Valentine’s Day exceptional.

First love never dies. It was God who first loved us that He gave His only son. Those who believes in him should not perish but instead will spend eternity in Heaven. That is such an amazing love given as a gift by our Father.

Talking about Valentine’s Day, let me share to you the lesson shared to us by Pastor Bob which was about love—God’s perfect love.


God’s love is

  • Personal
  • Fundamental
  • Incomparable
  • Unchangeable
  • Wonderful
  • Universal
  • Available

Aside from the seven mentioned description of God’s love, may I add that God’s love is unconditional and it endures forever.


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