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The Potter and the clay (Isaiah 64:8)

Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
    We are the clay, you are the potter;
    we are all the work of your hand.


Adults were once kids and kids and play will always be inseparable. As a child, we were given various set of toys like Barbie and paper dolls for girls and car toys or water guns for boys. One of my toys that is still existing up to now is my set of kitchenware that were made of clay. My mom took care of it and preserves it for she said time will come that I too will have my own children and she’ll show it to them.

My set of kitchenware is a mini replica of the traditional Kalan in our province. It was made out of clay just like a real pot so I and my playmates used to play with fire and boil leaves before.

A simple pottery just like my still existing toy requires the creative mind, art and hard work of a potter. These small pots had undergone step by step process before it turned out to be a work of art. The clay needs to be kneaded, formed, put into fire, strengthened, painted and then decorated which will then be displayed in a store for customers to appreciate and purchase.

If we are the clay and God the Father is the potter, then what we are going through are just steps we need to undergo for we are in the process of becoming God’s masterpieces. Failures, pain, heartaches, sufferings, farewells and down moments were like clay’s molder that will form a better us. These experiences serve as the oven that strengthens a pot so as not to easily crack.

Appreciate the beauty of life. Learn from your experiences and others. You are a work of God’s hand. You are His masterpiece.


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