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The REAL Mind Master (Isaiah 65:24)

Before they call I will answer;
    while they are still speaking I will hear.

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I cannot help but be skeptic however, there really are people who are capable of reading what’s on your mind. I had watched some episodes before of Mind Master Nomer Lasala on tv and he can read thoughts! I think, it is not just coincident for many times he was able to predict what the guests were thinking.
The mind of a human is so powerful. The inventions, discoveries, experiments were all products of man’s wisdom. But we should not forget that there is One being who is above all this things. Man’s mind has its limitations while God’s is infinite. I think it wouldn’t please God if we consult fortune tellers may they be fake or not or even these so-called mind masters.
For God knows what we need even before we ask Him. Let us not forget that He is our Maker, He is the author of life. He is well versed of what’s going to happen from beginning to end.
Certainly, he listens to our pleas and He hearts our cries. The world may turn its back on us but God will never ever do that. He doesn’t ignore us for He loves us so much.
He is the real mind master. Many times I had experienced to receive His blessings even before I pray for it especially when I’m short in budget and I know you did too. Our situation for now may be too hard to handle. God sees it, God knows it. He hears our prayers and He will answer at the proper time. Do not lose hope. Strengthen your faith. The real mind master will never leave your side.

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