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Fake Gods (Jeremiah 2:28)

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Thou shall not have any other gods says our Father. For we all know that He is a jealous God. We are His creations, His dearest possessions that is why I understand Him for being jealous. For couples especially the married ones, what would you feel for instance, you caught your husband/wife having an affair? Pain,jealousy—which is both normal. You’ve promised “You are mine as I am yours,” and then suddenly your lover was snatched away from you and that his/her eyes do not spark the same way as before. How cruel is that?

Thousands of years ago, the earth was covered with water drowning all creations except those who were inside Noah’s ark. If we could recall, while the ark was being built, people were laughing at Noah. They thought he      was stupid for doing such. When the time of the great flood came, they call out to Noah to be rescued but the door of the ark was already closed. They did not believe in what God said. They were drowning. They called for help yet no one came to save them.

During Moses time, the Israelites built a golden cow while Moses was communicating to God at Mt. Sinai. When God found out about this, He got angry. He instructed Moses to go down for the people were worshipping an idol. A great earthquake occurred, the land opened and swallowed some of Moses’ millions of followers. Did the golden calf save them? It did not. Why? Because it was a fake god.

Some of us are worshipping gods that have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear. Some are unaware that they are making money, success, fame, position and power as their gods. Know for a fact that there is only one God in this world, the one who made heaven and earth. If we are worshipping these fake gods in times of need, even though we shout at the top of our lungs or cry and shed blood, nothing would happen. On the other hand, when we call upon the name of the Lord, he will come to the rescue for sure. Before we call, he answers, while we were yet speaking, He hears.

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