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Anger doesn’t last forever (Jeremiah 3:12)

retrieved from christian research network

God maybe angry when provoked but He will always be merciful.

Adam and Eve had disobeyed God for eating the forbidden fruit. God was not pleased with it and so He let them leave the Garden of Eden. The couple lived in the land where Adam has to work hard to provide for His family and Eve has to take care of household chores and their children. If God must have been forever angry with them, He shouldn’t have blessed the couple with children. He shouldn’t had provided their needs and let them starve to death. He shouldn’t have given earth for them to reside. Or, He could have let them die the minute He found out about their disobedience. But He never did. Hence, we are existing because of God’s mercy.

Many times we had sinned against the Lord. SIN could be one of the reasons why our communication with the Lord is disrupted leaving our prayers unanswered. Because of this, some lose their faith to God and backslide, some instead of drawing closer to Him, go farther, some see themselves filthy and undeserving thus condemning themselves for the wrong choices and actions they made.

Think about our parents. Was there ever a time they got mad at you because you disobeyed? Has there ever a time they had scolded and punished you because of doing a wrong thing? If yes, are they still angry at you up to now? Are they still bringing up your wrong deeds? I bet the answer is NO.

Here is the thing. Our parents were mad because of what we did and not at us. Their fury was towards our bad actions. They may scold us and punish us because they just want us to learn. They wanted to correct what was not right so we could become a better person. The things we do will never ever lessen their love for us.

The same is true with God. Of course he sometimes gets angry because of our sins but His anger is towards sin. Yet it doesn’t change the fact that He love us so much to the extent of giving His only Son just for us to live in eternity. Just like when we were kids when we ask for our parents’ mercy, let us draw nearer to God. Repent, ask for His forgiveness, accept the consequences and promise not to do the same mistake again. God’s anger subsides, it doesn’t last forever.


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