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Dear God


Dear God,

I just watched HOME RUN and I learned a lot of things while seeing the movie. I know it was your will for me to see it Father. To begin with, it changed my perspective of understanding how people behave. We act in different ways. Each of us have various experiences, good or bad, which moulded us to become what we are today. And I have come to realize that to every misbehavior is a bad story behind. Just like the main character in the movies who was alcoholic, there is a way out to every addiction that enslaves us.

My God, forgive me for those times I questioned you for allowing unpleasant things to happen in my life. You know my story and I cannot hide anything from you. You know how my past experiences changed me. You know very well the dark secret that envelopes me. But God, I believe, just like Cory in the story, that I can overcome with You by my side. I cannot change if it is by my own strength and will but with your grace Lord, I will be set free from my addictions that robs the time which I should be spending in reading and meditating your words.

 I pray Father to those people who had a dark past, those who were sexually abused, those who were from a broken family, those who are victims of crimes, those who never experienced how to be joyful, that they may come to know You. All those burdens they are carrying, please help them carry it Lord. We may not know the reason why You allowed it to happen by now but in due time, it will be revealed Lord. Help us to see the good in every bad situation.

Father, I put my trust in you. I am not fighting this alone for You are with me. I know You are just making a good testimony out of my story and I have faith in how you are guiding me Lord. One day, just like those in the Celebrate Recovery Session, I will be bold enough to speak in front of people and testify how You have changed me.

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