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Nothing is too hard (Jeremiah 32:27)

“I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?

retrieved from lifemovementchurch

For someone who is all powerful, will anything seem so hard for Him?

There are a number of people and families whom we consider powerful. Not that they possess supernatural abilities but because they possess the power to rule. The power to have anything they want because of wealth, the power to discover new things because of their wisdom, and so on. Nevertheless, no matter how powerful a man is, there will still be limitations plus, each person has their own Achilles heel.

God is that someone who is all powerful and nothing is too hard for Him. He made the universe by just saying the words. He created earth and everything in it without anything. He parted the sea for His children to walk by. He miraculously raised the dead and allowed a 90-year old Sarah to conceive and bear a child. Above all, our chains of slavery were gone and we were set free from sin because He made it possible by giving His only son Jesus Christ.

For everything that God has done, will there still be a reason for us to doubt Him and what He can do? Maybe you are in your lowest right now, you are encountering too much of what you think you could handle or you are facing tough challenges and solving a lot of problems. Why carry the burden alone when God said cast your burdens upon me? Nothing is too hard for Him. Allow God to help us carry the heavy load.

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