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Dear God

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. —1 John 3: 16


Dear God,

Last night, I decided to watch a romantic movie entitled “A Soldier’s Love Story.” It was a mixture of feeling in love and concern that was awakened inside of me while watching it and a lot of realizations thereafter. Faith, it makes everything possible. Love, it makes us believe in second chances. Passion, it drives us to do things that concerns mankind. Wisdom, it makes us decide rightly and appropriately.

My friend named Arianne is married to a soldier, my high school classmates Gerardo and Nelson both serve as soldiers too and a college acquaintance shifted profession from nursing to serving the US Army. I know it was You Lord who put that desire in their hearts to choose that profession though they know the risks they are going to take, still they have decided to become one of the few warriors who are brave enough to serve the nation by all means.

My God, these soldiers are your children who are compassionate enough to bring and maintain peace to the country. I pray for you to shield them with your precious blood and protect them from the enemies. Give them courage to fight for what is right, good health and strength to be able to function at their very best, wisdom to think decisively and faith in you to keep going.

Bless their family Lord for they are the ones who are having sleepless nights because of the nature of these warrior’s job. Give them peace in their hearts and minds. Put away anxiety and feeling of loneliness.

Father God, we entrust their lives in you. Take control.


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