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What does jealousy feel like? (Jeremiah 44:8)

Why do you provoke me to anger with the works of your hands, making offerings to other gods in the land of Egypt where you have come to live, so that you may be cut off and become a curse and a taunt among all the nations of the earth?

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A student worked hard and spent sleepless nights just to finish his project and make it perfect. When the teacher announced who made the best school project and showed the output, he was so glad because it was his creation but, he was shocked when the teacher gave the credit to another student. Little did he know that his classmate removed his name and tampered it. How would you feel if you were the kid? If I were him, I would be mad and furious.

Worshipping other gods than the one who created us is in a way related to that. It is God who created us but we give the recognition to the works and crafts of man’s hands.

One of the Ten Commandments given to Moses in Mt Sinai says “Do not have other gods aside from me.” Our God is a jealous God. If we feel so hurt and angry when other people take what’s ours may it be a thing, attention, relationship, credit, etc, how much more does our Maker feel?

He may be slow to anger yet He is in a fury when provoked. Many times we might wonder why our prayers are not answered. Maybe that’s because we do not address the right one for we chose to utter it to a thing that cannot see nor hear.

Know the real God is and worship Him alone before His rage strikes.

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