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Purpose Driven Life (Ezekiel 18:32)

For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Lord GOD; so turn, and live.

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All of us are God’s creation but not everyone are considered as His sons and daughters—this is a realization that was given to me by my cell group leader in church way back. Yet I know that God wants us all to be saved.

God’s vision is our mission. His vision is to save souls and we could fulfill that by disseminating His words to others especially to those who do not know Him yet and to those who haven’t surrendered their life to Christ.

Look around you. There are billions of people out there however only few had given their lives to God. Every person you see, meet and relate with is your responsibility. Every day, we are given the opportunity to share the gospel. Let us grab this chance. In this way we can show our love to God by obeying His commandments. Love your fellowmen, God said and the best way of showing our love to them is showing them the way to salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord. God is saddened for every soul that goes to hell. Unfortunate are those who are ignorant of the existence of God. But there are some who already know the truth yet had chosen to turn their backs on God.

We, the chosen ones have to fulfill on Earth what God envisioned. Our main purpose of existence is to spread His words. Do not be selfish just because you know you are saved you wouldn’t care of other people’s soul!Let your life be purpose-driven and that you find joy for every soul saved and not money-driven wherein what you aim is just your financial progress.

Be an instrument that many will turn to God and live a life focusing on Him and expect a great reward that awaits you/us in Heaven.

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