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Joseph and Jonah (Ezekiel 20:19)

I am the Lord your God; follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.

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Why on earth do we often disobey? Every time we do it, we are losing every benefit of each command that should be followed. Be mindful that obedience is the main key to success. For every command to obey, there is a corresponding promise of blessing. Don’t you know that those who are obedient to their parents are those who will become successful in life?  Obedience will also lead us to the right path. Since we are following God’s commandments, expect the best to come. We may not know where the path may lead us as long as we know that we are being guided by God, bright future awaits us. For instance, Joseph’s story. He may had a worse experience when he was sold by his brothers yet he did not despise God or rebelled. He remained faithful and obedient that’s why he was blessed and he became one of the most successful character in the Bible.

Jonah’s story on the other hand is an example of the effect of disobedience. Instead of going to the place where God was leading him to share the gospel, he chose to go the other way. On his voyage, a strong storm came and he was thrown to the ocean where a big fish swallowed him. That was the only time he realized he was wrong and so when the giant fish spit him out, he followed the commandment of God.

Sometimes, we act like Jonah. We have this habit of disobeying God and have to face first the consequence of our wrong decisions before we learn to obey. Well, the future that awaits us depends on how we make choices in our past and present. It is now within our hands if we wanted our life to be like Joseph or like Jonah. Choose wisely.

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