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Before I meet Mr. Right; My NBSB story

Happy ever after. True love’s kiss. Who doesn’t want that? Every little girl had dreamt of that. Be a damsel in distress to be rescued by her knight in shining armor. Be a princess waiting for her gorgeous prince to sweep her feet off and carry her towards the waiting white horse. Fantasizing is just so amazing that it makes my heart blissful and brings out the happy hormones in my system. Fairy tale romance, why do you have to be so unreachable?

At twenty five, other girls might already have found the one and might have established a family. Me, just like the rest of those who are not into a relationship, I am living a life of single hood. I never had a boyfriend and I never plan to marry until I am thirty. Thirty is the new 20 anyway. Life has been good to me but I am waiting and putting my trust on God that one day I will be able to meet the man who will want to make it to ever after with me. That’s my favorite story!


So how to spend those 25 years (or more) ecstatically despite being romantically unattached?

  1. Happiness is a choice.

Falling in love is confusing and exciting at the same time. They say it brings you to cloud nine. However, happiness should not depend on a relationship partner. It should come out from your heart. Remember, the growth of a seed depends on the soil. What is in your heart (soil) will be the basis of what kind of seed will grow inside of yo— bitter or sweet, happy or sad. No matter what is the circumstance, you can always have the choice to be positive and be happy!

  1. Single hood is a blessing.

Parenthood is a stressful job. Do not get me wrong. I mean, it is the most fulfilling and rewarding job ever but it is also exhausting. Kids messing up the house after you’ve just clear it, their cries and screams that irritate an eardrum, financial problems, the bills and tuition fees plus a job to take care of and employees to think of! For this reason, while still single, spend the most of your time doing those things that you might not have the luxury of time to do in the future. Travel the world with your friends or explore solo if you can. Reach for your dreams while waiting for Mr. Right. Discover a new talent which can become a source of income one day. Enjoy doing your hobby like painting or blogging. Take a leap of faith for your career advancement. Work abroad if you must! Volunteer in charity works or be involved in a church ministry.


  1. Opportunity to be the best partner.

We always pray to God to give us the perfect partner in this whole wide world but did we ever desire to be that perfect partner for our future spouse? While you are single, take this opportunity to better yourself. Try to throw those bad habits in the trash bin of life like for instance cursing, drinking or cigarette smoking (You do not want your child to imitate these things, do you?) And then, learn to do things that will be useful in your future married life. Maybe it’s time for you to ask your mother how to cook your favorite recipe or try to volunteer to take care of those nephews and nieces of yours while their parents are at their workplace. Being a babysitter for a day might change you for the better. Make it a habit to do household chores until you get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect!

4. Enjoy life

Forgive me but enjoying life for me does not mean partying all night or making out with a stranger. It means living life to the fullest which includes spending quality time with family and friends and doing things that you are passionate about. We are not cats (and cockroaches!), we only have one life to live, a very short one actually. Therefore, do not waste time self-pitying or being cynical about true love and romance. Just, let go and let God. Trust in His will to make the good in all things that we do not have the control. It is way better that way.

  1. Save for the future

There is nothing wrong with being stingy. I think, it is just being practical and wise spender. We do not need to buy expensive things to impress people whom we do not even like. All hard earned money should be put into something that is worth it. For instance, allot 10% of your salary to tithes, around 50% for expenses, another 10% for emergency funds, 10% for travel savings and 20% for future expenses. In such a way you will have something to use in the next years to come. Tuition fees and basic needs are increasing in cost. It is better if we have something reserved for it just like a spare tire in cases of flat tire.


So what is this all about? Well, I just turned twenty-five today and these things and tips above is what I am telling myself and will tell myself in the next days, months or years to come to be reminded not to chase love nor settle for anything less. I have given God the pen to write my love story and for that reason, I know that I’m in good hands!

Now my prince charming, wherever you are, know for a fact that I will patiently wait for you. You will always be in my heart for I knew I have loved you even before I met you.

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