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The Power of Young People (Ezekiel 28:15)

You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created, till unrighteousness was found in you.


Watching children run because they don’t want to be caught when playing or conceal themselves so as not to be seen when doing hide and seek would make my day. I wouldn’t trade anything for that. Even though life has been so hard, their loud giggles and wide smiles could simply ease the pain. Watching them makes me envious. Fortunate are these kids for they do not know how hard life is due to the fact that they are unaware of how wicked this world is. Their innocence and light mood is simply amazing. They bring joy to a gloomy day and they light up our world. Now I’ve got an idea why God loves the children.

One sad fact regarding children is that some of them are taken for granted by their parents. Instead of being innocent at a very young age, they learn wicked things and imitate the bad habits of their surroundings. One time, while I was waiting for a vehicle going to my workplace, a jeepney suddenly stopped in front of me and the driver was scolding four little children. He instructed them to get off the car by force. When these children alighted, I saw that they were holding a mineral water bottle and I am certain of what’s inside—rugby. Before the PUV left, these rugby boys picked up stones and threw it towards the vehicle hitting the person sitting in front. I was really shocked with what I had witness right in front of me. I could not move for few seconds. These children were just 5-10 years old! When we were kids, we were blameless because of being innocent. However, when we started to know more and observe what’s going on with our surroundings, we imitate things that are wrong.

My realization here is that correcting mistakes should start from early stages of life when the child starts to understand things. Good or bad should be differentiated and parents must devote time to look after their children. It is very important that kids are being guided toward the right path so they would not prefer to go the wrong way and be a source of trouble in the future. Letting them join Sunday Services can play a big role and introducing practices that strengthens spiritual life is a must. Despite the increasing rate of juvenile delinquency, I still believe that the youth are the hope of the nation if we start making a move today of making that possible. It all starts at home.

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