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An open letter to a woman dating a married man

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We all fantasized of finding true love. In fact, it is one of some women’s ultimate dream. And when that daydream comes true, certainly there is bliss. However, happiness should not be dependent on external factors such as, in this case, a relationship partner. Do not grab another woman’s joy by seducing her boyfriend/husband just so you could find your own.

You are destined to do good and great things. You have the ability to conquer temptation. You are not meant to become a mistress. You were not created to wreck a happy family. You have a purpose in life so find that reason for living while waiting for your own prince charming. Remember that God created Adam and Eve to become one and you are definitely out of that picture just like what you are doing right now. You are meant to belong to someone, an unattached man.

How could you ever endure the fact that you are the cause of so much distress? You make a wife feel worthless. You are the reason why her heart is full of anger, pain and mistrust. How could you ever sleep peacefully at night knowing that you’ve broken innocent children’s hearts who will add up again to the increasing number of kids living in a broken family?

You will be hated by many who love those victims so dearly. You will be called slut, homewrecker, husband-stealer, desperate scheming itchy witch. And in the eyes of majority, you kind of deserve it.

“But I love him,” you tell me. And so as I love Enrique Iglesias! Girl, give me a break! Love is not self-seeking! Love does not tolerate bad habits! What you are feeling right now, that is not love, that’s lust and the other sister emotions of it (like 80% of what you are feeling towards that married man). This feeling will surely die once the itch has gone because the foundation of your relationship is sinful and filthy.

Hear me out or at least, listen to your parents and friends’ advices. You do not deserve to be with him. You deserve someone better. So please, quit playing the game before the game plays you. End this sinful relationship and encourage your current partner to reconcile with his wife. God meant marriage to be for life and who are you to ruin what God has planned? Ask for forgiveness and go live a life void of adulterous relationship. As they say, cheating is a choice not a mistake.

Believe me, the right man will come along. How can you be with him if you continue to be with the wrong person?It will be painful,I know. Nevertheless, it will be more heart wrenching if you refuse to listen now. God has something better in store for you. In the moment of waiting, allow God to change you, cleanse you and purify your heart. Seek a life that centers on God. Let Him show you what real love is, the kind of love you had never imagined in the previous and current relationships you’ve had. And only then will you be able to know what true love is. When He knows you are ready, He will reveal the right person.

My advice, to find ever after, girl, do not follow the wrong star!

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