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Book Review: Once Upon A Prince (Rachel Hauck)

Book Review: Once upon A Prince (Rachel Hauck)

This is my very first of the hundreds of book reviews to come. I spent most of my unemployed months watching feel-good movies and last night I decided to resume reading books. Who knows, one day I will become one of those authors in the best-sellers section of popular bookstores (Yeah right….In my dreams!)But it is not bad to dream anyway. So, here comes my first book review which I just finished reading an hour ago.

Once Upon A Prince (Rachel Hauck)


I am a sucker for royal stories and so I am warning you, I am quite biased here. I so loved the well-written story. It’s sooooo cute! Like I have mentioned, I am fond of feel-good stories, in movies or books… I have always preferred happy ever after over cliff hangers and so this book is included in my list.

Another warning, this book is Christian Romance and it is safe to say that it lacks smexiness. Therefore, there are no sexy scenes included which, some readers are dying to read. Nevertheless, it did not spoil my interest in reading the story.

What I loved about the book is how the author made use of Christian values, of surrendering to God, of trusting His sovereignty. I fancy the story of Daddy Gib and Mama Glo who once were lost but found a way to happily ever after again. Thanks be to God for restoring broken pieces and for giving the unexpected blessing named Avery. The emotional moment between Mama and Suz almost made me cry too. Then there is the weird, half-sane fairy godmother Aurora who speaks in riddles and disappears abruptly.

It is a story of a damsel in distress saved by a prince who always comes to her rescue. Their moments of praying together is one of my most loved scenes. Talk about #relationshipgoals. Oh!Don’t we all want to marry a prince? A Christian royalty who is the defender of the faith?

I thoroughly enjoyed this fun, delightful story. A fairytale, a faith-based novel.

I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!

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