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Book Review: A March Bride (Rachel Hauck)

The only thing that trumps hot cheese pizza is true love!


I was searching Amazon and Goodreads for Christian Romance Novels to read today however, no plot of the stories I’ve seen interests me. Until I run into A March bride by Rachel Hauck. Remember Once Upon a Prince last time? The story of Prince, turned King Nathaniel and the landscape architect Suzanna Jean? It’s a continuation of their love story. God is really so good for showing me the book! So, here is my review which contains some spoilers.

In the beginning, I quite hated Suz for being a brat and for going back home because of citizenship issues leaving Prince Nate behind. However, I loved how the author used that situation to inculcate the word of God in the story—-asking for God’s wisdom, the fact that Jesus gave His citizenship for us and the comparison of Suz to Esther.

I so loved how Prince Nate planned to woo back Suzanna with the help of the family and the people of St Simons. It was way cool!Way cool—as described! And, I was so touched by the speech of Daddy Gib in their surprised wedding.I really shed tears! Daddy’s girl here.

Compared to Once upon A Prince, it was shorter and simple. Nevertheless, it made me feel good and happy. It brought me to the island of St Simon and the kingdom of Brighton. That is the best part of reading a book for me, losing myself!

Now I am looking forward to the story of Prince Colin and Avery which will be released this year, sometime in October.Happy reading!

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