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Like an erupting volcano

I will return again to my place,
    until they acknowledge their guilt and seek my face,
    and in their distress earnestly seek me.

(Hosea 5:15)


Each one of us has their own unique personalities. There are jolly, talkative persons while others are timid and shy. One type of personality that I admire is that which is slow to anger and possesses strong self-control. I am trying hard to have these qualities and slowly I know I am getting there. My younger brother is one of the coolest person I know.  He is patient and has a good temperament. He seldom gets angry but when he is pissed off, it’s like having a volcano erupting nearby.

As we all know, our God is slow to anger. Many times we had failed Him, disobeyed and displeased Him and yet He is still there for us. However, there had been times that He had been upset and punished His people. All of it were documented in the Bible. He became angry with Adam and even when the two had eaten the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and He commanded the two to leave the paradise. He sent big flood to earth that had drowned thousands of people who do not know how to listen to Him saving Noah and his family only. He was displeased with the unfaithfulness of David. The fruit of David and Bathsheba’s wrong relationship died thereafter.

Know therefore that God will never tolerate our wrong behaviors. He has to correct and punish us to become better and to learn a lesson. We have to realize that life without God is worthless and meaningless.

Let us not wait for God to do the same to what He did with Adam and Eve and the others. Acknowledge that we are sinners and had done wicked things. Repent and ask for God’s forgiveness. Always seek his kingdom first and be assured that whatever situation you go through God will always be there for you.