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The forgotten Maker

For Israel has forgotten his Maker
    and built palaces,
and Judah has multiplied fortified cities;
    so I will send a fire upon his cities,
    and it shall devour her strongholds.


Believe it or not, without God, we are nothing. When tough times come, we run to Him for help. When we are in need, we pray to Him for provision. When we are sick, we asks for His healing. However, when we have everything, we often forget that God is existing. It must be true that we only know God when we need something. Does this apply in your life?

God owns everything, as in, all things! What we have right now came from Him and if He wanted to get all that we possess, He can do it in a snap. Do not let your head be inflated. Humble yourself and forget not your Maker.

Just like in the verse above, for anyone that has forgotten his Maker, a fire will be sent upon him. Figuratively speaking, the fire may symbolize lost to our treasured possessions or even loved ones. God can take whatever and whoever He wants if it is the only way for us to turn back to Him.

Man, including Christians has this tendency to forget the Creator especially when we are too busy, too preoccupied with the things concerning this world. We shouldn’t let the enemy snatch us away from God. Find means to deepen your relationship with God. Give Him more time. Read the Bible everyday like you routinely do your tooth brushing. Pray as often as you could. Using these ways, our Maker will always be remembered. His presence will always be with you and no fire will be sent to devour your stronghold.

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