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But the Lord said to Moses, “Do not fear him, for I have given him into your hand, and all his people, and his land. And you shall do to him as you did to Sihon king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon.” (Numbers 21:34)

Last Friday, we were all devastated to hear about an explosion which had happened in Davao. Among all the cities here in the Philippines, Davao is one of the safest that is why it was very unexpected to hear such heartbreaking news. This could be related to the fervent desire of President Digong in eradicating drugs and terrorism. The opponents and lawless are using and killing innocent people to challenge the President.

Before that news, the apartment in front of our unit was on fire consuming the pergola in the rooftop. I and my brother decided to call 911 because the fire was getting bigger. The response of the receiver of the call was fast and two firetrucks arrived immediately with enough number of firemen. That very moment, I had proven that change is coming to our country all because of President Duterte. For such reason, hearing about Davao bombing saddens me. In his desire to change the nation, his beloved town is praying the price.

I was reading a book written by Kay Arthur and one of my most favorite lines in that Chapter is found in page 89. It says, In Habakkuk we see the difficulty of wondering where God is when bad things happen. Then we witness the delight of discovering that He is there, ruling over all. Agreed. God is not blind not to see what had happened in Davao. He was never asleep. And soon, the culprit of the bombing will pay for the consequence of their wickedness. God has given them into the hands of the authority and they will soon be defeated just like King Sihon and Jing Og inn the time of Moses.

The fear brought about the plans of the rebels to plant bombs in other places can be conquered by our faith in the one true God. These people who are rebelling are being controlled by their anger, pride, wrong beliefs and wrong god—-if they even have a god. They are deranged and in their state of craze, innocent people are suffering. However, they might kill our physical body but God’s gift to us is eternal life to those who believes in Christ. On the other hand, those who refuse to turn away from evil will suffer in eternal damnation for the wages of sin is death.

My request: Please include our country in your prayers. Please continue to pray for this world that wickedness will be put into halt. Let us pray for our protection and most importantly, our salvation.


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