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The wicked world

“So you, by the help of your God, return,
    hold fast to love and justice,
    and wait continually for your God.”

(Hosea 12:6)


Have it ever entered your mind what causes man to do wicked things? Have you ever asked yourself the reason why you have learned to disobey the commandments of God? Isn’t it that when a baby is born, he is blameless? He is innocent. He doesn’t know what is right from wrong. As he grows up, he learns to imitate what the people around him are doing.

Our environment is a big factor that influences us. It is very vital to reside in a place where right manners and good conduct are taught. Although we cannot choose whom we meet and cannot stop inevitable situations from happening, knowing what is righteous in the eyes of God aids us to do things according to His will. Do not go with the flow of your wicked environment. Be an agent of change that many if not all, will turn back to God.

Life is tough. Aside from our surroundings, sometimes difficult situations push us to do unrighteous acts that are unpleasing in the eyes of God. Say for example, fire consumed your house including your neighbors. The temptation to get valuable things of other persons while people are busy saving themselves is so strong that other persons succumb to stealing the properties of their fellow victims. This example and other instances where we did something wrong is not hidden in the eyes of God. However, He is willing to forgive us if we repent. But no matter how difficult your situation is, it shouldn’t be an option for you to take what is not yours or to gain something from other people’s expense.

The name of the game is faith and trust in God that He will provide and that He will not leave you nor forsake you. It is not yet too late. Let us ask for God’s forgiveness. Practice the art of loving not only yourself but also your fellowmen. Do not let hard challenges to push you in doing unrighteous deeds instead, it should draw us closer to God and make us realize that life without Him is nothing.

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