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Time is running

Working as a nurse and dealing with terminally ill patients had proven me that life is so short. All of us will one day be buried six feet under. Our life here on earth is only temporary. The real deal is the life that comes after death.

Life is a gift from God and take note that we only have one life to live. Unlike earthworms which reproduce when cut into pieces, ours is very fragile. That is why we are always told to take care of our physical bodies. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are fundamental. However, aside from the physical aspect, we must also aim to improve and prioritize our spiritual life. Because even though we are healthy physically,mentally, emotionally and financially, if our spiritual life is empty, life after death will be horrible.

God wants us all to be saved. He doesn’t want us to banish and suffer in the eternal fire. If you are certain that you are saved, well and good. Proclaim the gospel and share the good news so that many will also attain salvation. If not, time is running. Better make up your mind to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Tomorrow might be too late.

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