548070_441711872517541_1548522929_nI am Keith Nicolas,a registered nurse by profession,the eldest and only girl among the three siblings.I had spent my college years at Centro Escolar University, Mendiola Manila,thus making me a true blooded Escolarina.

If others can’t live a day without gadgets in their hands, I can!Just give me books to read or a pen and paper to write on.

I am a book lover since I was a kid. When I was still young what I love reading was the book of Ripley’s Believe it or not, Question’s and Answers Flip Chart and  Trivia. I also like reading short stories and stay up late at night just to finish it. It was when I was in college when I fell in love with the Bible. We were taught  in church to do our devotions daily which  I am still practicing up until the day I’d die. My passion for reading brought about my dream of being a good author someday.

A frustrated writer, I decided putting up my personal blog where I could place all my write-ups.Thanks to unemployment for giving me the luxury of time.(haha).It takes effort and couple of weeks for a computer illiterate like me to understand many things about blogging.I’m glad there is Mr. Youtube for tutorials.

My very first story that was not compulsary made was written when I was in Fourth Year High School.It was a tragic love story inspired by A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.When I entered college, I never had the will to make another one.Nursing students are busy bees,you know.It was until my very first job hunting when I decided to write another one. The article was about my failure to land a job which was entitled “Tough Life”.

Since then I decided to write more and compile it in my notebook. Ideas come and go that is why my paper and pen should always be ready to put it into writing.

One time I was browsing my Facebook account when I saw in my newsfeed the post of Miss Rica Peralejo.I got curious so I opened it and found her blog. From then on I said to myself I’ll have mine too.Why should I keep my ideas on my notebook when I can share it to others?This is how this blog had started and the rest is history(Haha).

The reasons why this blog was made are to entertain, inform, inspire and encourage.I give the full credit to my Creator, my God, my Savior for helping me live my life to the fullest.This life is worth living.

With Jesus, the best is yet to come.

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19 thoughts on “MEET KEITH

  1. Haha.It’s a bit embarrassing to admit it (shall i call you sir?)but if not because of it I wouldn’t had started blogging and wouln’t had found my new cyberfriends in Christ. Unemployment really is a blessing.

      1. Hi there
        Well, it is delightful have a chance to work in Aussie..there are so many Asian people work there.. just grateful to God I got many experiences to traveling around the world 🙂 God bless you too..

  2. Great blog spent very long time on it catch up look forward to more keep it up.Saw it in passing before not sure why I didnot stop by sooner,anyway making up for it now.

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