Like a Thief


            As a student nurse way back, one of the most memorable moments of my college life is our Capping and Pinning Ceremony. That momentous day, we were all clad in white with our hair arranged in a tight bun. Arranged alphabetically, we marched from I-do-not-know-what-place-is-that, then walked down the aisle until we reached the hall and sat down at our respective seats.

My most awaited time was when my name was called. I walked my way up the stage with pride and dignity together with my fellow students whose surname was just close to mine. We simultaneously knelt down while our beloved clinical instructors did their way putting the cap above our head. I felt like a queen being crowned with a tiara decorated with different precious stones of various sizes. After pictures were taken, on count of three, we stood up and alight the stairs.

The program flowed smoothly. The guest speaker shared an inspiring talk. Then, we all followed the so called “Nightingale” of our batch for the Nurses’ pledge. Second to the last was the speech of Denson Mallari who was then the Nursing Student Council President. He was very emotional. I recall there was a moment that he was stuttering because of controlling his tears. Haha. He ended his piece by instructing us to say thank you to our parents. On hint, we simultaneously turned our backs and faced our parents who were seated in the balcony. It took me awhile before my eyes found my mom’s location because there were a lot of audiences. She was seated beside kuya JC near the stairs. I waved my hand and say thank you. She just smiled. There was something in her face that time which I couldn’t explain. I felt that something wasn’t right, my instinct told me so. But then, I didn’t mind it. The program ended with the singing of our batch song— Time of my Life.


            I wasn’t aware that while I was busy enjoying the moment, the burglar/burglars had already taken up important things we had in our apartment. When I met my mom and kuya Jc outside the hall, my mom immediately asked where did I place the money she had given me (Before we went to PICC, she gave me my allowance in cold cash and the naïve me not expecting thieves to come, put it in my personal cabinet and locked it up).That was the time I found out we were robbed! So that is why she doesn’t look fine sometime a while back during that “thank you” thing. I never had the chance to have picture takings with my friends neither with my mom and cousin. We immediately rode a taxi and went home. Thanks to those intruders!

Upon reaching our apartment, I was really frightened. The house was a mess! All cabinets were opened and clothes were scattered everywhere. The door was force unlocked, the handle was gone. The allowance I had kept was taken with my radio-dvd player (gift of my mom on my 17th bday).Even the new under wears that were still unused were not left untouched by those wicked men.(What will they do with that by the way? wear it? Shucks!)

Who on earth could have done such outrageous thing? Why have they done that? We’ve done nothing unacceptable to them, I am pretty sure of it. My mind says, probably they did it out of poverty because they have to acquire their needs or else their family would die because of starvation. Other part of me answered, seriously? I don’t buy that! They chose to do wicked things just to feed their aching tummy on other’s expense! In their face! Why can’t they find a decent job out there just like what the street vendors are doing?If my parents can earn for a living uprightly, why can’t they? The money they had taken plus other things that were stolen were all fruits of hard labor!

Days had passed but the ones responsible for the robbery weren’t caught (up to now actually).The first week after the incident had been the hardest for me because I was so afraid they will come back. I hated them for what they did. Truly, living in the city takes a lot of courage ‘cause this is where all sorts of wicked men live—holdapers, kidnappers,pushers,murderers, robbers, name it!

Time had passed so swiftly and the fear of burglars had come to an end. Instead of cursing them, God had soften my heart and allowed me to pray for them. It took me a while of course but what was good was that I have learned to forgive. Those who do such kind of things are so pitiful because they do not have the Spirit to convict them. They do not trust God the Father enough  to provide for them that’s why they resort to perform crimes in order to survive. They need us, believers, to introduce Jesus into their lives that they may know how good our God is.

Because of that incident I learned to become optimistic. It had taught me to think of the lessons that life is giving me for every situation that comes instead of bearing in mind your misfortunes. The main lesson I got was to be prepared always. Since then, we had set cameras outside and placed “Protected by CCTV” signs as if saying to the thieves who were planning something evil to beware! Before sleeping at night, it became a habit of mine to check first if all doors are securely locked. . I know God has a reason for allowing such thing to take place. Up to now, thanks be to God, the incident never occurred again. There’s no more second chance for burglars!Haha

God too will come like a thief. No one knows when will it be despite rumors of end times predictions. None not even the Son knows, only the Father. If God will descend today, are we prepared enough to be judged? Surely many will say they aren’t yet ready just like me. Take for example my experience. Prepare yourself to meet God at any time of the day. Install CCTVs in your heart and soul that it would be 24/7 watching and waiting to accept God’s word, God’s power and Spirit.

While we are still lingering for God’s time to come along, we have to share His words and be an instrument so that many will also be saved. Tell them to beware thus when the thief comes, they’ll be prepared, so that when God arrives, they too will be saved.url

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