Playing with Fire

Children, Obey Your Parents


            When I was young, my mom would always remind us not to play with fire(literally). I do not  know why but to children the more you say don’t the more they’ll do it. I believe Wong (Pediatric Nursing) would say something about this. During the school-age stage, kids want to explore the world.

Because we want to experience things and feed our curiosity we sometimes disobey our mother. We do make fire and grill hotdogs. Sometimes we made use of empty sausage/cornbeef cans and try to boil various leaves from our garden. We love to see the water boil until the leaves turn to dark green. For us that’s an accomplishment. We felt like chefs. Little gourmet chefs! I lost count on how often we do it. Until such time we got tired of it and wanted to try something new.


One day, I saw the melted candles collected by my late grandmother placed in a blue plastic bag. I told it to my younger brother. We then planned to melt it through fire and mold it so that a newly formed candle will be made which we can use during brownouts. Without informing our parents and grandma, we put the plan into action.

It was late in the afternoon when we finished collecting all the needed materials. We started making fire then placed three stones around it. We placed the melted candles in an empty can and set it on fire above the three stones. Minutes came to past and the solid candles started melting. We were so ecstatic! We were so excited to see the outcome of our experiment. After all the solid candles liquefied, we decided to put it out of fire. When my brother was about to place it in a flat surface, the improvised tong he was using got destroyed and the liquefied candle accidentally spilled out, most of it, to his left leg!Imagine that!A very hot melted candle burning your skin! And what I can clearly remember are the words my brother was uttering that time—he was mumbling “In Jesus Name, in Jesus Name” repeatedly imitating what my mom mutters whenever we got sick.

We were so anxious of what had happened to my brother. The supposed to be newly formed candle spilled out and worst it landed on his skin. Why, it should have jus dripped itself on the ground! If that candle could just have gotten some brains! What was I thinking then?Hmmm…Man, we’re all dead!

That night, while my brother was crying silently, my mom as expected, scolded us endlessly. My dad was obviously controlling his temper. Who else should be blamed? Me, myself and I cause I am the eldest, I am the promoter, I initiated the playing fire game. After my mom’s confrontation came my dad’s turn. I could still imagine his face then, he was so pissed. He slapped me none too strong, none too gentle, just enough to wake me up from my foolishness. It was the first and last time he did that to me as I remember which means that is one of the biggest mistake I had ever done. Surely I was to blame. It was my fault and it ain’t just a simple mistake.

The next day we saw the effect of the spill. More than half of my brother’s left thigh got burned, secondary, I presume because of the appearance of blisters—big blisters actually! They consulted the doctor and he was prescribed with an ointment. It is hard for him to wear shorts because whenever the fabric touch his burned skin, he felt the sting. He can hardly walk then that’s why he used wheel chair for days. He even almost didn’t get the chance to get his ribbon during his recognition day. I feel so guilty.It was all because of me.

If only did I listen to my mom’s reminder. If only did we not play with fire.


Most of the times we act like like children who wants to experience everything. Elders say, “Do not go there!”Why? because they have been there and they posses much knowledge and experience to forbid us from going to ‘restricted areas’ of life. But the eager us still say “I wanna go there too!” and at the latter part, wish that we should have followed them when it is too late. Experience might be the best teacher but we can learn without experiencing.They say, Smart people learn through experience but the wise ones learn through the experience of others.

The Bible says in Ephesians 6:1, “Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right”. No need for long explanations because the verse is so simple and easy to understand yet, it is so hard for us to follow. Be aware that in every command that you should obey there is a corresponding promise of reward. See for example Deuteronomy 5:16, “ Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your god commanded you that tour days may be long and that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you”.

Being a parent is one of the hardest and toughest jobs of all. They are on duty 24/7, no day-off! They were given by God the responsibility to raise a child well, punish him/her when needed just like how God does to His sons/daughters. If it pains us to be scolded non-stop, slapped or hit in the butt, it hurts them much more. We should all understand that they are doing that not because they are enjoying it but because they love us so, they wanted to correct us to become better.

We’ve been a handful. It is time to make up for those times we had been hard-headed. Parents know best. Follow their commands–this pleases our Father who art in Heaven. They are God’s chosen ones to become our security guard, nurse, teacher, counselor rolled into one. Obeying them is just one way of repaying our parents all the love and sacrifices they did for our sake.children-obey-your-parents

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