Skidding on a wet floor:An eye opener experience


One particular story that I enjoy sharing to my friends is my I-stupidly-slipped-off-a-wet-tiled-floor experience. Here is how it goes.

It was a cloudy Sunday, I was outside playing with my two younger brothers. It was already twilight but because the next day was a school day, I wanted to make the most of the day’s time. There are only two days in a week when we can enjoy ourselves since during Monday to Friday we were too busy making assignments and reviewing. We have to sleep early and wake up early too. I was a third year high school back then. All work and no play makes a dull boy they say.

Suddenly, the rain begun pouring down. We hurriedly went inside our house. My mom was cooking,  we chatted with her. It took me some time to realize that the rain must have entered the house because I haven’t closed the windows. It was my duty to close the windows.If that ain’t done I probably might be scolded. I went to our living room. I was about to close one set of jalousie when I felt the sudden pull of gravity. Then it happened so quick, my small butt landed on the floor. I tried to protect my upper body by placing my hands on both sides  on the tiles but it slipped off too. What followed, I heard a loud kablag!and then another one!My head hit the edge of our center table before it landed on the floor. Gosh! Not just once but twice!

What I vividly remember is that I wasn’t concerned before of what I feel. It hurts, yes of course! However I was more worried of the possibility that my dad would find out I skid because I forgot to close the glass windows for the reason that I was playing endlessly, he’ll scold me (which was just my stupid thinking-my immature thought). So even though my head was hurting and I felt like its swimming, I stood up hurriedly(thank God, this time  I did not slip off again) and I continued closing other open windows while massaging those parts which were badly aching—my butt and my head. After that I went back to the kitchen. No one  noticed what had happened out there. I acted just fine but from time to time I was touching my head because  it was really hurting. Imagine, it was like being hit on the head twice by a baseball batter.

Later at night, I was awakened by an earthquake! I thought it was an earth shattering quake but it was worse than that. My world was turning upside down non-stop.  I was holding so tight to the sides of my bed because I’m afraid if I don’t hold onto it I’ll be dropped down. It was the worst feeling ever.!It was like riding a space shuttle without the adrenalin rush. I want to vomit but I can’t stand.            

When I can no longer tolerate it, I tried to wake up my brother who shared the same room. I called him about three times, he just moaned. Even though, thank God, he’s partially awake. I told him to call our parents because I was not feeling well but he just said “ Sikan Ah!”(“You do it yourself!”). Then he faced the other side of the bed and continued sleeping. Great! That was just so great. I just rolled my eyes. I’ve got no choice. I just prayed to God to take me out of that roller coaster ride. I don’t know how long did I endure that feeling nevertheless I was able to get back to sleep.

Monday. It was time to go to school. My mom went to our room to wake us up. My brother was already wide awake then. Maybe because of instinct or because I didn’t look fine, my mom asked if I wasn’t feeling well. I did not think twice, I told her what had happened yesterday while crying. I clearly remember I also told her about my brother ignoring my complaint that night.Haha.

I wasn’t able to go to school. My mom and my dad rushed me to the nearest hospital. They were worried sick I know. They didn’t scold me. They didn’t even ask why it took me more than twelve long hours before telling them what had happened. If I only knew it I should have informed them earlier, it should have been easier for me to bear. Probably, if I haven’t experienced those late night symptoms, they wouldn’t know it up to now.

I was confined just for that day. I want to stay longer in the hospital but there was already an order to discharge me. Even though it was just half a day, many visitors came.I was so touched! I went home late in the afternoon with IV fluid still hooked on my right arm which was later removed by my parents. A week after, I had undergone CT Scan. Result revealed normal findings.

I didn’t know then how serious that condition should be treated until I learned about head injury way back in college. The fact that I didn’t suffer from internal bleeding, contusion, or brain damage despite that my-head-got-hit-twice incident is such a miracle from God. He must have a reason why He allowed such thing to happen.

Whenever I hear CT Scan or Head Injury, I can’t help but smile. Memories keep flashing back like a movie scene. I know now how a CT Scan machine looks like, I know what preparations are needed, I know how it feels to be examined by the machine. I know now the signs and symptoms of head injury and increased intracranial pressure. I have learned from that incident, things I shouldn’t have known if I haven’t slipped off that wet tiled floor one Sunday evening.

God has his own ways of revealing life lessons. In my case, He allowed that fell-off incident for me to learn to be honest and learn to trust my mom and dad. Kids are like that, they are afraid to say the truth to their parents whenever they made a mistake. But we should all know whatever mistake we have made, our parents will always be there for us.

We sometimes act like kids even though we are all grownups now. When we commit a sin, we tend to hide from God which proves that sin separates us from God. Are we afraid God will never forgive us?Honey,be aware, God is faithful and just to forgive you if you confess your sins to Him (1 John 1: 9).By the way, who is this world is righteous? None but one. The reason why Jesus came is to save us, sinners. All you got to do is go to your room, kneel down, clasped those hands together and sincerely utter a prayer. Repent. Accept Jesus as your lord and Savior and start to live and walk in Spirit. Turn away from your wicked past. Don’t wait for that “head-hitting” incident to occur before you make a move. Do it now before it is too late.


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