Survival of the Fittest

(Written on July 02,2012)


Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever good things to come but you ended up being frustrated? Have you ever been doing nothing all day but you feel so tired because your mind is so full of thoughts?

It has been four months since I ended up my Pulmonary Nurse Training at East Avenue Medical Center. I had been to more than 5 hospitals, passed my comprehensive resume and was hopeful to land a job. I waited days, months…Nobody called. Well, that was what I was expecting because out of the 5 hospitals, 3 of it refused to accept our documents because they are on freeze hiring although I was still hoping and giving myself confidence that I would be qualified to those two hospitals which had accepted our resume. Sad…So I planned to go to the province and rest (as if I was exhausted!haha). I stayed there for few weeks doing nothing but house hold chores. Then, a friend was qualified to become a nurse trainee at Cardinal Santos Medical Center. She texted me informing that CSMC was still hiring. The next week I had my trip to Manila and passed the requirements for Nurse Applicants.

Three days later, I received a text message from Cardinal for the schedule of the technical exam. After the exam, a text message was sent again for the initial interview. I was so full of hope then. I really wanted to work there. But after the interview, I haven’t heard a thing from Cardinal up to now. No texts, no calls. I feel so frustrated. I shouldn’t have expected things to happen the way I want it. Most of those who were scheduled to have an interview during that time do have work experiences. Me, I only got three months! I am so stupid to think I am more qualified.


Every day, every night I always think of having a job. Not a day had passed that my mind was not thinking of landing a position. I began to ask God, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Haven’t I given my best shot?”, “ Haven’t I exerted much effort?”.I did study very well when I was in College. I have a lot of trainings and seminars attended. Still, they aren’t enough. Is nursing really not for me?

In this world where there are hundred thousands of nurses who are trying to get hired there is a little possibility for me to land a job. It is battle of the fittest situation. I even thought if I haven’t taken up nursing and took up accountancy instead I shouldn’t be unemployed at the moment. But I know that God has a better plan for me. If nursing is not for me, I shouldn’t have loved the course, might had failed my subjects and won’t pass the Board Exam. However, I have succeeded Nursing’s tough journey through the help of God.

GOD HAS A PLAN. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” He created us to become victorious. He allows things to happen for us to learn. We fail, we lose, we become frustrated, rejected, embarrassed but all these experiences teach us a lot of lessons that an all time winner cannot comprehend. We may fail so many times but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that how we stand up and continue life to its fullest applying what we have learned after we fall off.


            Atty. Glenn Luansing always remind us during our review that the more mistakes we do, the more we’ll learn. I do not know if he was kidding but what he always says is true. However, next time make sure you’ll choose the right things and won’t do the same mistakes again. That is being foolish already. So whatever situation you are in, remember that everything has a purpose. God has a better plan for you and that will bring prosperity in your life. When we are in God’s hands, we are in good hands.


Maybe it ain’t yet the right time for me to land a job. Maybe I still need to learn more before I will be qualified to become a Staff Nurse. A flower is at its best beauty when it is picked at its blooming time. A food is most delicious when it is well-cooked. An egg cannot be hatched too early; likewise landing a job ain’t that easy as we expect it to be. There is a time for everything. We must patiently wait. And when that time comes, we are most ecstatic because the fruit of persistently waiting and pursuing turns out to be a success!

God said, “Your thoughts are not My thoughts”. Thus, we must wait tolerantly for the right time God thinks is most proper.



“Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find”. Who could ever not know this verse? Therefore, do not be ashamed to ask. God knows what you need and what you want. Never cease praying. In this battle of the fittest situation where you feel like you’ve got nothing but God, you need to consistently ask for His helping hand thru prayers. Even though He is all we’ve got, we’ve got everything because God owns everything and we are his heirs.

Sometimes we think God does not listen to all our prayers that as if He does not see how we wept to him to reach our dreams or to escape unbearable sufferings. But certainly He does! We just have to pursue seeking Him and never be tired of waiting because our God never ignores shameless perseverance.

Whatever we ask in prayer it shall be given as long as we have FAITH!


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