Talking to the Shepherd


            How do we spend every God given day? Most spend 8 hours working or studying, 6-8 hours for sleep, two hours for travel to work or school back and forth, one hour for taking a bath and fixing self and the rest of the hours are divided for cooking a meal, watching television, surfing the internet, calling a friend or relative, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, ironing clothes and to students, doing assignments or projects. With all these activities, it seems that 24 hours ain’t enough to finish it all for a day. The question is do we allocate a time to read our Bible and pray? The sad fact—we do spend more time brushing our teeth than communicating to our Creator. Sometimes, you just talk to God when you’re about to doze and because you were so dead tired you ended up sleeping on God not uttering yet your Amen. You woke up the next day trying to remember if you had finished praying last night. You are that busy that you can’t even say thank you for all the blessings you had received. Worst, if you’ll get used of not being used to pray. Imagine what could possibly happen to your soul. Jesus is our living water. Like a plant being deprived of H20, your Spirit will wither and eventually die. Take a long distance relationship for example, when there is no communication, the heart will grow weary and the used to be couple will call it quits thereafter. The relationship will die eventually.

chubby_baby_pray-faithwithoutborders Prayer is an opportunity of talking to the Lord of Lords. If in this world communicating with a celebrity or a high ranking official makes our day memorable and unforgettable, how much more with our Almighty God?

To some countries were kings and queens exist, you need to have a scheduled appointment to be able to talk to his and her majesty. If not, consider your efforts wasted. To the King of kings, you can talk to Him any time of the day and you can confide anything to Him without being judged or misunderstood. It is so absurd to think that it is as if it is God who is asking for an appointment instead of the other way around. What is 15-30 minutes of time spent with Him?

I had once heard about the acronym BUSY from a preaching of Pastor Alip. Busy could sometime mean, Being Under Satan’s Yoke whenever we forget to allot a time to God. The devil as we know is a master deceiver. He uses several things to snatch us away from God. But mind you in every temptation there is always a way out, we always do have a choice. It is within our hands if we’ll let ourselves be deceived. As the Filipino saying goes, “ Walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko”.

Jesus as we all know is our very best friend. When you are with a friend, you cannot stop chatting just like me and my friends way back. Even when we spend every day with each other in school, we won’t run out of words and topics. We love to talk about funny situations and still laugh out loud though the stories were already told a thousand times before. God must probably be asking why can’t we do it with Him? Our very best buddy is waiting. Praying is executed not only to ask but to build a relationship with God-we should keep that it mind.

Some of us are insomniacs. It’s hard to catch sleep especially when a lot of things come running to your brain. When you cannot sleep, do not count sheep. You’ve got someone to talk to. Talk to the Shepherd.

You probably had experienced falling asleep while praying.Ditto!Let’s take it from Susan(based on Philip Yancey’s PRAYER: Does it make a difference example given) who said; “I used to worry about falling asleep during prayer. Now as a parent, I understand. What parent wouldn’t want her child to fall asleep in her arms?

Instead of counting the usual thing-one sheep, two sheep, three sheep…Start taking advantage of the time and utter your  thank yous and sorrys to God until He lets you fall into deep slumber. Never let a day pass without you talking to the Great Shepherd.jesus_shepherd.jpeg

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