BFF’s Wedding

One day sometime in November 2011, I received a text message from a dear friend informing me about her wedding. In my mind I was like, Whaaatttt?  Are you kidding me?You are the youngest among the group (Honor’s Society).Why plan of being shackled this early? Girl,you really should tell the truth or else you’ll be a dead meat! But man, she was dead serious! I asked my buddies who are closest to this bride-to-be if it really was a fact and they all said YES.

So, were invited to attend. It was such a privilege. I really wanted to witness a military wedding. I did have a scheduled duty on the 28th of January which was the set date of the wedding (which I can’t afford to miss) so I ask the head of EAMC Pulmonary Section where I was a trainee back then if my duty days could be rescheduled. I had an advanced duty for that. Thank God for small mercies!

It was January 27 when I and my friend Aivyn had our way to Baguio. Aiza was not able to join that trip because she was still at work that is why she just followed on solo flight. It was my first time to go to Baguio via a bus and we were almost left on one of the stop over because of buying junk foods!Haha. My friends Yasmeen and Florence were already at the Hotel when we arrived at the terminal. We asked directions on how to go there through Florence. Afterwards, we rode a taxi and reached the Inn.


Upon arriving, gosh we were so noisy! Of course,who wouldn’t be? We’ve never seen each other for a long time. We chatted for hours and when we felt our stomach gurgling, we decided to go out to find a resto and for the bridesmaids,Aivyn and Florence to fit their gowns too. Our tour guide was Yasmeen. No wonder she knew the place, she stayed at Baguio for months to review for the Nursing Licensure Examination.

It was so cold outside. We walked a long way to that fitting area where the gowns are situated. While the two ladies were fitting, Arianne and her prince charming arrived. Our voice filled that small room. Haha. The bride was blooming and her groom was good-looking as well. They left early, too busy arranging other things for the next day. After that, we bought our food (mine is a two piece chicken order because I was so hungry) and went home straight to eat supper.

Before we slept, we fixed our dresses to wear for the following day. I can’t forget that night. It was really so hilarious. Yasmeen brought three dresses!Haha.We were laughing at her. She even asked if she’ll be mistaken as a godparent if she’ll wear the red one.Man,she was not prepared,wasn’t she???

And goodness my bloopers! While the two(Yasmeen and Aivyn) were waiting for Aiza’s arrival outside, I decided to iron my dress because it looked so crumpled and messy. We were able to borrow one from Arianne’s mother. The bad thing was, we do not know how to use it. It was not the usual with 123 setting which I was use to. It was something like cotton,silk,etc mode.Heck, I do not know what was the setting for my dress, I don’t even know if it is silk or what!Haha.Still, we decided to iron it. The first try was good so we attempted to do it again and Voila! Man, my dress got burned!In capital B!But instead of worrying, we were laughing boisterously!That was epic…Weird!

The most awaited day  had come. We woke up early, too excited of what’s gonna happen. The bride knocked on the door and served us  hot pandesals with butter. Such a sweet bride, she shouldn’t have minded us,she probably was so busy then,yet she still did.

An hour after, we took a bath in a cold water during a freezing weather. We fixed ourselves. The two bridesmaids were not with us since they do have a professional make-up artist.Lucky ones!Yasmeen fixed mine and Aiza’s make up. She was such a pro!(We’re luckier!Hehe)



The five of us rode a taxi to reach Camp John Hay. There were guests waiting outside when we arrived, most of them are high ranking officials. We took pictures while waiting for the program to start. While walking, one of the organizers had mistaken us as principal sponsors!What???Haha.We were all laughing. I think it was because of mine and Yasmeen’s outfit! We’re the culprit!

The chapel was designed superbly with various flowers arranged on each side of the hallway. Few minutes passed and the bride’s car had pulled in. My friend was so pretty! No…She was gorgeous! She was radiantly stunning and seemed lovelier in her gown, make-up and hair style.


Twenty minutes passed, all guests had arrived, the ceremony started with the marching soldiers clad in their gala uniform.I took charged of taking pictures since I was holding Florence’s digicam. I noticed that me one of the difference of military wedding to the usual church wedding was that the parents of the bride will not walk the aisle with her because the latter will march alone.


We were all eyes to the bride. She was breathtakingly beautiful! Her eyes showed unexplained happiness. Finally, the very special day for them to become one had come to reality. Arianne will no longer be Arianne Caress Hall but Arianne Caress Hall-Penaflorida. Gio, the groom, dressed in his white duck uniform, equally drop-dead gorgeous, was looking intently at his marching bride, his soon-to-be-wife. I won’t trade anything for that moment. That was so romantic, I was envious.haha.That and many more sweet memories happened during the ceremony.


“You may now kiss the bride”, the priest pronounced. I was totally not blinking that time when the two kissed each other. Such a nice couple. They’ll make cute babies!



We all followed at the reception area. It was night time, the effects of the light was so beautiful. The stage was decorated glamorously with white roses. We ate a sumptuous meal.After which a dear friend Aiza narrated the beautiful love story of the newlyweds in front of the audience. We were in awe of the romantic tale and the narrator. My friend Aiza(Arianne calls her Isnain) really is a genius! The bride was so glad to hear the composition.


The five of us plus five of Arianne’s high school friends were called to catch the bouquet of the bride, a usual wedding tradition. Man, I was the chosen one! You bouquet, you don’t know whom to select a better catch.Haha.Does that mean I’m next in line?????Shucks!

Some of the wedding gifts were opened then later we took the opportunity to take pictures with the bride.

422829_350357721652957_620236087_n 409187_350356591653070_2109442244_n 430740_350356988319697_2080422704_n

After the wedding, the 5 of us went out to eat street foods while Arianne was on her honeymoon….=)The next day we went home after buying of course our pasalubong.

Everytime I see the wedding pictures, I can’t help but smile. Who would have thought, the prettiest in our circle of friends (no offense meant to the three) is now off the hook, happily married to her knight in shining armour-Gio. It was as if it was just yesterday when I witnessed Gio and Ariane’s exchanged of sweet nothings through phone calls during our review sessions (Arianne was my buddy at Pentagon SM San Lazaro). I remember one time Gio was singing a song to Arianne while playing the guitar, the latter’s cellular phone was on loud speaker so I heard it. He’s got good voice.

These two deserve each other. Arianne made the right choice.It was amazing how they ended up with each other’s arms.

Too many billion people

Running around the planet

What is the chance in heaven

That you’d find your way to me?

Whoah…These two were born for each other.Awesome God-incidence!

At present, they have a cute little baby boy named Trio. What more will they ask for?God had blessed them abundantly.

Cheers for the 100 years more to come!Happy Annivesary Gio and Arianne!

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