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Rants and Realizations regarding Israel Houghton’s Divorce

Proverbs 31:12 has been one of my love life verses in the Bible. It reminds me to do good things for my future husband all the days of my life, which means every God given day. For this reason, I surrendered the pen of writing my love story to God for I know that He knows what is best for me. I will stay faithful to my future partner and promised not to flirt with anyone. I will wait until He says it is the right time and he is the right guy. But what if Mr. Right got tired of waiting and married someone else instead? Or what if Mr. Right is not really Mr. Right at all? What if while I am patiently waiting for him, he is busy cheating with other women?

The statistics regarding annulment and divorce is very alarming. The numbers show that there is a small difference of divorce rates between Christians and non-Christians. Thus, we cannot blame the world if they call us hypocrites, a not so good reason that the enemy can use to stop unbelievers from turning to Jesus.(Note: “Christian” category included people who profess a belief system but do not live a committed lifestyle.)

I hate cheaters. I resent homewreckers. I come from a family who gives so much importance to having one. I feel so much loved that is why I do not know where this anger towards adulterers is coming from. Maybe because I empathize with the victims of it. How can these cheaters bear to sacrifice their family’s happiness in exchange of pleasure? And perhaps because I am so afraid of becoming a victim of it.

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Please understand if I honestly admit that I went on berserk mode when I accidentally read in a comment in YouTube that Israel Houghton and his wife were already divorced! (If you are a fan, I am sorry but some of my comments might hurt your feelings). It was last Wednesday when I was listening to a clip of Revealing Jesus which had lead me to finding out about the separation. At first, I was in denial. Israel Houghton was one of my favorite singers. I loved the way he sings. So I researched more about it and yeah, it was true. It was stated in some articles that he admitted he failed and sinned in his marriage. What I just don’t understand are the other write-ups linking him to Adrienne Bailon. He said he was in the process of restoration that’s why he was temporarily on leave from being a worship leader in Lakewood Church. Did that process lead him to dating the woman just few weeks after their divorce? Like seriously? Why, He moved on like a lightning!

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I really am sad and disappointed. I was so affected that I think his now ex-wife had forgiven him already more than I had. To think that she is the one who was enduring! As a woman, is it normal for me to ask that he shall live with the consequence of what he did? Twenty years of marriage and it ended just like that. How terrible!

Here is the thing, after few days of sulking, here are some things I had realized from Israel Houghton’s story and the like.

  1. People will always see the bad

Yes I am one of those who erased the good I’ve seen in Israel and judged him the moment I found out about his issue. That is a normal nature of man which should be eradicated and I am including myself here. We all are sinners and none of us is righteous. That is the reason why Jesus came, right? He commanded us to love our enemies, forgive those who sinned against us. When a brother is drowning, we have to help him up so he will not sink in the deep. It is normal to feel resentment or frustration but it is how we do with our reactions that will make it wrong. For instance, bashing. Karma is digital in today’s generation and Israel and Adrienne had already taste a glimpse of it. I know you, we, are angry but God doesn’t want us to resort to such dirty tactics. Let God do His thing. In time, the anger towards these people will soon fade away.

  1. Learn from other people’s experiences.

We do not need to experience something to learn from it. Wise people acquire a lesson from the experience of others. From Israel’s story, we could grasp how important it is to resist temptation. James 1:7, Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. From the very moment you feel that the devil is luring you, stop him! Do not let him to penetrate deeper. He only does if we allow him to. For instance, being alone with an office mate of the opposite sex who is not your wife inside a car may seem not harmful however, it may lead to a deeper and sinful relationship if we allow attraction to take over. There should be no next time. Once is enough. You are a Christian, you have the wisdom to know the good and the bad because the Holy Spirit guides you.

Be faithful. One night stand can break your family and not only that, you will be hated by many. It is hard to maintain marriage however, it is harder to lose everything. Think of the consequences first before you do a thing. You will never know what could happen after a simple exchange of text messages without your spouse’s knowledge. Set a physical, emotional and sexual perimeter and do not violate it because it may lead to the destruction of marriage.

  1. Man is not perfect

Maybe the reason why we see the flaws in our church leaders and other people we look up to is because God wants us to focus on Him and not on His creation. When I read about Israel’s divorce, I was thinking, “Never will I sing his songs! How come he sang Jesus at the center when He destroyed his marriage? Doesn’t he realize that God wants marriage to last forever?” Because of my disappointment, my anger was displaced to the song. And what hath the song has to with Israel’s actions and decisions?

Sometimes we adore our religious leaders too much that we forget to think who the song or the preaching is for and what it is all about. Instead of focusing on God, we admire how beautiful the voice of the singer/pastor is, how good the guitarist or drummers are. It should be all about Jesus. Remember, He is a jealous God.

  1. The need to pray for our religious leaders

It is a biblical command to pray for those in authority not just our political leaders but also our leaders in the church. Our religious leaders need prayers too. They are humans just like us who make mistakes. They are not immune to all kinds of temptations and trials. Search the World Wide Web and you will be surprised to know that some pastors also went through what Israel and the other divorced Christians are facing right now. It is scandalous, yes, however, we can help our leaders not to walk the same track by simply praying for them. enumerated the top 6 prayers for pastors or leaders which include:

  • Prayer for faithfulness (God, church, wife, family, commitment)
  • Prayer for Quiet time to Study the Word
  • Prayer for Rest and Good Health
  • Prayer for Provision
  • Prayer for Wisdom and Direction
  • Prayer for Fellowship and Good Godly Friends
  1. Whatever path this may lead, God is still in control

Let us all leave it to God. Whether ex-couples will be back in each other’s arms or find love separately, God knows best. Though we may want Israel and Meleasa to reconcile, Israel had clearly stated in his post that it is not what he wants anymore. I am not sure though if that is what God wants. What I am certain is that He is the author of life and He makes amazing stories from His children’s weaknesses. The best thing we could do is to pray for those people that they may follow the track that God had prepared for them. Let us pray for wisdom and direction. God will guide our steps if we are just willing to submit.

  1. Forgive

It is so easy for us to judge other people even without knowing the story behind. And even though our fellow Christian had sinned and brought scandal to the church for instance, to condemn him is still not the correct thing to do. Forgiving someone is a choice. One won’t always feel like it but if we exert extra effort, there is a great fulfilment. Who in the world had never sinned? Not even one. That is why Jesus came. He had paid the price through His death and resurrection.

  1. There are still men who are faithful and value marriage

With all these cheating headlines in the newsfeed, our belief of happily ever after may somewhat be compromised. As a single woman, you might prefer to stay in solitude all your life and spare your heart from being broken to pieces. But hey! Do not lose hope. If God meant marriage for you, the right man will come along. He will be all eyes on you and you will be his world. Faithful men still exist although they are already extinct. These are the men who make God first and last in everything, who embraces imperfections and focuses on positive qualities instead of defects, who keep communication lines open at all times, who respond with love and respect and who loves to pray! Take a leap of faith honey!Do not be clouded by these cheating issues. Trust God!He knows the desire of your heart and He can and will give it to you at the right time.

Kirk Cameron and wife Chelsea Noble
Don Moen and his wife Laura
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An open letter to a woman dating a married man

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We all fantasized of finding true love. In fact, it is one of some women’s ultimate dream. And when that daydream comes true, certainly there is bliss. However, happiness should not be dependent on external factors such as, in this case, a relationship partner. Do not grab another woman’s joy by seducing her boyfriend/husband just so you could find your own.

You are destined to do good and great things. You have the ability to conquer temptation. You are not meant to become a mistress. You were not created to wreck a happy family. You have a purpose in life so find that reason for living while waiting for your own prince charming. Remember that God created Adam and Eve to become one and you are definitely out of that picture just like what you are doing right now. You are meant to belong to someone, an unattached man.

How could you ever endure the fact that you are the cause of so much distress? You make a wife feel worthless. You are the reason why her heart is full of anger, pain and mistrust. How could you ever sleep peacefully at night knowing that you’ve broken innocent children’s hearts who will add up again to the increasing number of kids living in a broken family?

You will be hated by many who love those victims so dearly. You will be called slut, homewrecker, husband-stealer, desperate scheming itchy witch. And in the eyes of majority, you kind of deserve it.

“But I love him,” you tell me. And so as I love Enrique Iglesias! Girl, give me a break! Love is not self-seeking! Love does not tolerate bad habits! What you are feeling right now, that is not love, that’s lust and the other sister emotions of it (like 80% of what you are feeling towards that married man). This feeling will surely die once the itch has gone because the foundation of your relationship is sinful and filthy.

Hear me out or at least, listen to your parents and friends’ advices. You do not deserve to be with him. You deserve someone better. So please, quit playing the game before the game plays you. End this sinful relationship and encourage your current partner to reconcile with his wife. God meant marriage to be for life and who are you to ruin what God has planned? Ask for forgiveness and go live a life void of adulterous relationship. As they say, cheating is a choice not a mistake.

Believe me, the right man will come along. How can you be with him if you continue to be with the wrong person?It will be painful,I know. Nevertheless, it will be more heart wrenching if you refuse to listen now. God has something better in store for you. In the moment of waiting, allow God to change you, cleanse you and purify your heart. Seek a life that centers on God. Let Him show you what real love is, the kind of love you had never imagined in the previous and current relationships you’ve had. And only then will you be able to know what true love is. When He knows you are ready, He will reveal the right person.

My advice, to find ever after, girl, do not follow the wrong star!

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Before I meet Mr. Right; My NBSB story

Happy ever after. True love’s kiss. Who doesn’t want that? Every little girl had dreamt of that. Be a damsel in distress to be rescued by her knight in shining armor. Be a princess waiting for her gorgeous prince to sweep her feet off and carry her towards the waiting white horse. Fantasizing is just so amazing that it makes my heart blissful and brings out the happy hormones in my system. Fairy tale romance, why do you have to be so unreachable?

At twenty five, other girls might already have found the one and might have established a family. Me, just like the rest of those who are not into a relationship, I am living a life of single hood. I never had a boyfriend and I never plan to marry until I am thirty. Thirty is the new 20 anyway. Life has been good to me but I am waiting and putting my trust on God that one day I will be able to meet the man who will want to make it to ever after with me. That’s my favorite story!


So how to spend those 25 years (or more) ecstatically despite being romantically unattached?

  1. Happiness is a choice.

Falling in love is confusing and exciting at the same time. They say it brings you to cloud nine. However, happiness should not depend on a relationship partner. It should come out from your heart. Remember, the growth of a seed depends on the soil. What is in your heart (soil) will be the basis of what kind of seed will grow inside of yo— bitter or sweet, happy or sad. No matter what is the circumstance, you can always have the choice to be positive and be happy!

  1. Single hood is a blessing.

Parenthood is a stressful job. Do not get me wrong. I mean, it is the most fulfilling and rewarding job ever but it is also exhausting. Kids messing up the house after you’ve just clear it, their cries and screams that irritate an eardrum, financial problems, the bills and tuition fees plus a job to take care of and employees to think of! For this reason, while still single, spend the most of your time doing those things that you might not have the luxury of time to do in the future. Travel the world with your friends or explore solo if you can. Reach for your dreams while waiting for Mr. Right. Discover a new talent which can become a source of income one day. Enjoy doing your hobby like painting or blogging. Take a leap of faith for your career advancement. Work abroad if you must! Volunteer in charity works or be involved in a church ministry.


  1. Opportunity to be the best partner.

We always pray to God to give us the perfect partner in this whole wide world but did we ever desire to be that perfect partner for our future spouse? While you are single, take this opportunity to better yourself. Try to throw those bad habits in the trash bin of life like for instance cursing, drinking or cigarette smoking (You do not want your child to imitate these things, do you?) And then, learn to do things that will be useful in your future married life. Maybe it’s time for you to ask your mother how to cook your favorite recipe or try to volunteer to take care of those nephews and nieces of yours while their parents are at their workplace. Being a babysitter for a day might change you for the better. Make it a habit to do household chores until you get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect!

4. Enjoy life

Forgive me but enjoying life for me does not mean partying all night or making out with a stranger. It means living life to the fullest which includes spending quality time with family and friends and doing things that you are passionate about. We are not cats (and cockroaches!), we only have one life to live, a very short one actually. Therefore, do not waste time self-pitying or being cynical about true love and romance. Just, let go and let God. Trust in His will to make the good in all things that we do not have the control. It is way better that way.

  1. Save for the future

There is nothing wrong with being stingy. I think, it is just being practical and wise spender. We do not need to buy expensive things to impress people whom we do not even like. All hard earned money should be put into something that is worth it. For instance, allot 10% of your salary to tithes, around 50% for expenses, another 10% for emergency funds, 10% for travel savings and 20% for future expenses. In such a way you will have something to use in the next years to come. Tuition fees and basic needs are increasing in cost. It is better if we have something reserved for it just like a spare tire in cases of flat tire.


So what is this all about? Well, I just turned twenty-five today and these things and tips above is what I am telling myself and will tell myself in the next days, months or years to come to be reminded not to chase love nor settle for anything less. I have given God the pen to write my love story and for that reason, I know that I’m in good hands!

Now my prince charming, wherever you are, know for a fact that I will patiently wait for you. You will always be in my heart for I knew I have loved you even before I met you.

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Unanswered Prayers (Why prayer fails?)

While I was looking blankly on my white paper and pen waiting for ideas to enter my mind, the incident of typhoon Pablo suddenly came up. Nice one brain!Or should I say, Nice one Lord! I began to picture the situations of the victims during the onset of the disaster based on the after effects I had seen in the television few years ago. The heavy rain down pour caused a huge flood which had devastated the Compostella Valley towns. These areas were unusually stricken by a typhoon, one of the reasons why the residents were not prepared enough despite the information dissemination of the weather forecast (through all sorts of media and the LGUs).

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Philippines Typhoon
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I felt nostalgic.  The same case had happened here in the capital city of the Philippines when typhoon Ondoy had hit Luzon on September 26, 2009 leaving the whole metro seem like a residential area erected in the midst of an ocean. It was my first time to witness and encounter such calamity. I was so scared then because we do not have enough food supply in the house. What if the rain won’t stop pouring and the water will still rise? Even though our room’s at 3rd floor, it didn’t make me at peace. From time to time, I went out and peeped what’s going on outside.

As I recall, I begun to ponder the condition of those who were stranded outside. What about those who spent the night soaked in chest high flood water? What about those who struggled to swim the deep water just to save their family? What about those who got drowned, those who met accidents while hurrying up to rescue themselves and their relatives away from the current of the flood?

During disastrous events like these, it is such a relief to hear stories of those who survived. Nevertheless, it is so sad to listen to the sobs of those families who lost their loved ones. I believe, when the victims were fighting for their lives, while swimming or holding on to an object so as not to be carried away by the current, they were  calling out to God desperately, seeking for His help, waiting for rescue. Some of these requests were granted thus, they had testified. However, the others’ prayer were left unanswered.

God has three answers to our prayers—YES, NO and WAIT. If God’s “NO” answer could be equaled to unanswered prayer, honestly I am not so sure about it because some says “God always answers prayers but sometimes No is the answer”. Nevertheless, in this article, I’ll be using  the term Unanswered Prayers.


Why will there be unanswered prayers? we might ask. Isn’t it that God said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”(Matthew 7:7)?Perhaps, we are praying in conjunction with:

WRONG MOTIVES. Zander has been praying everyday for the forthcoming championship of basketball tournament. He isn’t a part of any of the team. He isn’t even supporting anyone but he was interested to know who will win. His prayers goes like this:

“God please let Marcus’ team lose the game. He’s mean. He’s a bully. Don’t let them win this time because if that happens it will boost more his ego and act like a conceited pig more than he is right now. Let the other team defeat the. Please Lord! Please”

One of God’s commandments is to love our enemies. Despite how hard it is to be compassionate with one whom you hate the most, we have to do it all because of our love to God almighty. The instance stated above usually happens and God is not please with it. We have to love the unlovable.

Praying with wrong motives were almost always left unanswered. I really am not sure if holdappers and killers utter their prayers first before they put their wicked goals into action. What I am certain about is that there will always be a consequence to every wrong move we take. Instead of thinking about wrong motives, apply the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others do unto you.

SIN. This three letter word could hinder our relationship with the Lord. Sometimes sin disrupts communication with God. Isaiah 1:15 says, “Even if you offer many prayers I will not listen”.

Before we ask God our long list of prayer requests, let us ask first for forgiveness and thank God for all the blessings He had given us. It is like the way how a toddler acts when he had broken a vase using those puppy eyes pleading to mommy. Tell me, whose papa or mama’s heart would not soften with that look?

CONTRADICTIONS.A farmer praying for a heavy rain simultaneous with a child asking for a sunny day so that he can play outside is an example of contradicting prayers. Both will not be answered at the same time. One of it will be granted while the other will not be given.

SAME PLEA WITH OTHER PRAY-ERS.Out of the hundreds of nurses applying for a Staff Nurse position, only 15 will be hired. All of them had drawn close to God expecting to hear their appeal but only 15 wishes will be granted.

Seven teams had prepared enough for the volleyball league but out of the seven, only one team’s prayer will be answered.

NO EFFORT.A college student prayed to get a high score in his major exam. When he received his checked test paper, he was frustrated to find out that he failed. Why? The night before he opted to play computer games all night long than scan his notes.

An alcoholic who refused to stop drinking despite his family and friends’ advices, went to the hospital for consultation. He had noticed that his skin turned yellowish and his tummy is growing bigger. While waiting for the result, he uttered a simple prayer requesting that the result be normal yet the interpretation of laboratory tests and the physical exam revealed that he has liver cancer.

“Nasa Diyos and Awa, Nasa Tao ang Gawa” [With God is mercy (or pity), with man is action (or work, or labor)].God’s grace is enough to those who deserve it. If he sees that we are putting an effort to achieve our goals then there is no way he  would hinder us but if we are too lazy to move, where will it put us?I believe, God doesn’t tolerate our bad behaviours.He wanted us to become better persons.

DISOBEDIENCE. God had commanded Jonah, to preach repentance in Nineveh.However, the latter did not obey. Instead he chose to go to Tarshish boarding a ship. While on their way, a strong storm came, which threatened the ship to break in pieces. With that, he realized that he is responsible for that so he instructed the sailor to throw him into the sea where a giant fish swallowed him.

The key to a blessed life is obedience. We receive what we ask because we’ve been obedient. Answering our prayers is God’s one way of rewarding us.

However, what if your prayers were not in conjunction with those stated yet they were still left unanswered? Probably you might be one of those singles who is desperately praying for a partner but until now you’ve become an old maid and can no longer bear a child. That partner hasn’t arrive yet and it is too late! You might be one of those who prayed for a family members healing and yet that person died. You might be one of those couple who prayed to have a healthy but you were given a child with metabolic disorder.

Why Lord?Why?What good is it to have unanswered prayers?

SOME PRAYERS ARE BETTER OFF UNANSWERED. Matthew had been praying to marry the girl of his dreams. He really was so attracted to Mary because she was gorgeous and witty. Any man would fall for her. After the long years of waiting, he got her YES to his marriage proposal.He was never been happy as his wedding day—the day when the woman he was all been waiting for would be eventually called “his”.

The first few months of their marriage were pure bliss until one day he found out that his wife was cheating on him. He was never been hurt so badly. He was betrayed by the one he loved so dearly. If he could just turn back time, he would have never asked for it.That prayer of him would have been better if it was left unanswered.

Be careful of what you wish for. We have to be sure of what to ask God. Instead of focusing on your wants, focus on the things that God probably wanted. The more we know God, the more we know God’s will, the more likely our prayers will align with that will.

UNANSWERED PRAYER OPENS DOOR TO SOMETHING FAR BETTER. Do not be frustrated if your prayers were unanswered. God has a better plan in mind. “Your thoughts”, He said, “are not my thoughts”. His is always perfect.

Because of envy and hatred, the brothers of Joseph were able to sell their own sibling. I believe Joseph must have been praying so hard all along  for his elder sibling to love him as much as they love his other brothers. Perhaps while the negotiations of purchasing him was happening he was talking silently to God pleading for a way out. God had listened, I’m certain of it. He had answered Joseph’s possible prayer but that answer was NO.

Joseph’s unanswered prayer had opened a door to something far better. He became the right hand of the Pharaoh and was the second among the highest officials of his time. He saved Egypt through the interpretation of the Potiphar’s dream. The famine that had occurred on Joseph’s native land could also be considered as unanswered prayer of his siblings. Because of that situation, it had bought the family together again after so many years of separation. God moves in that mysterious way.


God acts slowly. We cannot force him to give what we want because it is Him who call the shots.We could mention all our long list of requests but it is within His hands if he will grant it all or not. We can only wait…and trust! However, we are just humans. We are not immune to getting tired of waiting until such time we just accept the fact that our prayers will no longer be answered.

Abraham’s faithfulness was tested by God. The Father had commanded him to offer his son Isaac. He was an obedient servant. He brought his clueless son to the mountain to be a living sacrifice. That was a command that was so hard to obey but Abraham followed. If I were Abraham, there will be a part of me that wants to bargain. Sure we wanted to obey but when our loved ones lives are involved, we can’t help but think twice. Maybe while on their way to the altar, he was pleading God to change His mind. If he could just offer other sacrifice. Until that time when he was about to slay his son, God spoke…and that was the time Abraham’s prayer was answered.

Father Abraham must have been so thankful. However, there are some parents who also were in the same situation who received no answers. Let’s say mother Mary for instance. When Jesus was crucified, she probably had asked God a thousand times to set Jesus free. She might have prayed to the Father to save His only Son. She must have been begging desperately to the extent of giving her life in exchange of her son’s. But were her prayer’s answered? We are all ware that Jesus died at the Cross of Calvary.

Just because He doesn’t answer doesn’t mean He don’t care. Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. If God had answered Mary’s pleas, Christ’s rescue could have been our world’s ruin.

God’s NO is not rejection—it’s redirection

God’s NO isn’t punishment—it’s preparation

If it would bring harm we don’t foresee, do we still want him to say YES?

If He really is our lives’ driver, we should be confident enough to believe that He knows what’s best


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Where is the Love?

What’s wrong with the world, mama

People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas

When I heard about the sad story of the Fallen 44, I immediately sent a message to a friend who is married to a soldier. I admire her unshakable bravery. How on earth will you be able to sleep soundly at night thinking that your other half is fighting for his dear life to save our country, uncertain if he will return home still alive and kicking? How on earth will you stand the possibility of your husband getting killed in such a very outrageous act of violence? The sacrifice our soldiers and their family should be instilled in every citizens head. Watch reunited soldiers and families in YouTube and you will get teary-eyed. Two words—Heart-melting! If the world is peaceful, then there is no need for them to leave their families. On the other side of the story, there are those who had fallen from fighting for our liberty and safety.They did not only leave their family but their countrymen who are reliant on them.

Members of the PNP Special Action Force unit carry metal caskets containing the bodies of slain SAF police who were killed in Sunday's clash with Muslim rebels, upon arriving at Villamor Air Base in Pasay city
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SAF 44
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But if you only have love for your own race

Then you only leave space to discriminate

And to discriminate only generates hate

And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, yeah

Brutal killing of 44 Special Action Force Members, burning of the Jordan pilot alive, execution of 21 Christians, what’s next? Terrorism. All-out war. Bombings. Non-stop exchange of firings. When will all these things stop? Vengeance. Getting even. There is no end point here. Lives are at stake. The mentality of revenge is the wrong way of attaining justice. For the reason that a life was taken away, life must also be taken from the foes side? And what do we get from it? Can we return back the life that was lost by killing someone else’s life?

Madness is what you demonstrate

And that’s exactly how anger works and operates

Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight

Take control of your mind and meditate

Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all

Fulfillment. Fairness. Is that what the Jordan government felt when they launch a bomb to kill a group of ISIS? For sure, ISIS will execute other kidnapped victims and the cycles goes on and on and on.

People killin’, people dyin’

Children hurt and you hear them cryin’

Aren’t these rebels get tired of it? Because I really am sick of watching negative headlines every single day. And if each team is pleased with every victory they achieve in defeating the opponent, they should bear in mind that there are innocent people who are dying to attain the elusive peace for the country. These civilians are the real losers of the game which in the first place, they were not even players! Disturbing stories of innocent children sold, young women raped and beaten, stomach-churning pictures of toddler kicking a severed head of a dead soldier and a boy holding decapitated Syrian soldier’s head is really shocking and alarming. They should be in school, in the playground, not in the warzone. Yet, the ISIS still continue such outrageous acts and they are even increasing in number in all parts of the world.

Father, Father, Father help us

Send some guidance from above

‘Cause people got me, got me questionin

Where is the love (Love)

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credit to

gOD'S LOVE My heart goes to the 21 Egyptian Christians who were beheaded mercilessly. At the very last minute, they stood up for Christ. They chose to die and now for sure they are sitting next to our Father. A question popped while I was researching about their tragic story. At the time that they were abducted, probably they had prayed for salvation from captivity, right?Because that is what I am going to do if I was in their shoes! However, as we all know, it was not answered.

Hasn’t it entered your mind? Why does God seem silent? Why does he seem absent when He was needed the most? Why did He not respond to their prayers? For sure, people who live in the warzones are always praying for peace. Why does it seem so out of reach? Where is the love? Where is God who is love? God is love

God doesn’t like to see people that He loves to hurt each other. But the problem is we live in a world that is not perfect. And there are things He allow because He has given us freedom to choose for ourselves even though He doesn’t like it.

We cannot solve all jigsaw puzzles to think that it is just a man’s creation. How much more can we fathom the depths of God’s wisdom? For sure, He knows what He is doing. He is good, all the time. He is loving, always! He will fight for us. These wars, these pain, these sufferings just prove to us that this is not our home.

When God seem silent?Trust! When God’s love seem absent?Pray! All these sorrows will come to an end. For He is coming back again. And all these wars will be eradicated. We will conquer because in the very first place, the Alpha and Omega had already won the victory.

Where is love? God, who is love, is in our hearts. But here is the thing,He will dwell there if you had allowed Him to be there.

You know the reason love seems not evident to others? That is because they do not know Him yet.That is why they do not know how to love. Let us pray that they too may know God and learn how to love like Him. Therefore, the secret to world peace is evident—it’s knowing God and allowing God to reside in our hearts.

Must we take for granted the lives that were killed? No, absolutely not. But we should not risk another life as a payment. Let God do the making. Vengeance is His! Our role is to pray for the victims as well as the evildoers and proclaim His words because He is coming near!


One World. One Love. One God.

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When God seems silent: A Reflection on the fury of super typhoon Yolanda

While browsing articles in yahoo regarding typhoon Yolanda, I have come across this write-up about a prominent politician who said “God must be somewhere else or he forgot that there’s a planet called Earth” after he visited Tacloban and saw the catastrophic destruction. This is my point of view.

The Raging Storm





PAG-ASA had been cautious in their statement that typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) is going to be one of the strongest typhoon that will hit the country. Because of their forecast, efforts had been made by the government to prepare the areas foreseen to be affected by the storm. However, these efforts seemed useless when the super typhoon land fall in the Tacloban, Samar, Leyte, Palawan and some areas of Bacolod. Because of the strong winds, heavy downpour of rain and storm surges, no strong establishment was left standing, trees were uprooted, houses were destroyed, roofs were carried by the wind for one place to another, thousands of dead bodies were left scattered. Fortunate survivors do have their various heartbreaking stories of how they were able to conquer the catastrophe. Many of those who survived were able to save just themselves and nothing else.

Where art thou?

People who suffered and had lost their love ones would probably question where is God’s presence during that time? If he was really there, why did he allow that to happen? Was it true that He really is somewhere else when the super typhoon flattened the areas of devastation?
“ Tama na po Lord, tama na please”, Mickaella Papa, a news reporter and a survivor of typhoon Yolanda exclaimed during the wrath of the storm while they were having their coverage. She narrated her tremendous and unforgettable experience while the raging storm was striking Visayas. She is a living witness of how cruel the storm surges and strong winds were.
Fortunate is Papa for she was able to tell her story, safe and sound. Many of the residents had also prayed hard to God for His rescue to come along, for their life to be spared, for their loved ones to survive but to many, God did not answer. Does he love His people? Did God hear their prayer? If yes, then why did He let this happen? Was God silent in answering pleas that time?
If God could only come down and answer these questions.

Things to ponder

1. Playing the blaming game.
In situations like this, people have to lend their helping hand instead of putting the blame on others. Do not blame God.Do not blame the government. Instead, haul your body and make a change, make a way to overcome. The event had happened already. We cannot turn back time. The more should we draw closer to one another. The more should we become better and stronger.


2. This is not our Home.
Thousands of people succumbed to death after hours of struggling with the waves falling debris and the current of the ocean. They had died through one of the most horrifying way possible. Seeing a member of a family lying there no longer breathing could shatter anyone’s heart into pieces.
These people who were not able to overcome, whose corpses were already decaying, were now in the hands of our Maker. They were too beautiful for Earth. God had already called them to come back in His palace.
Death is inevitable. One day we will meet them. It so happened that they reached the finish line earlier than ours. Realize therefore that life on earth is temporary. This is NOT, this is NOT our home.






3. Rainbow after the rain.
Though it seems so hard because of losing many of your loved ones, the house you had worked hard to build had been blown in a snap, properties you had invested now nowhere to be found, and you have no more money to buy necessities, LIFE MUST STILL GO ON.
Everything happens for a reason. In every situation may it be bad or good, always aim to learn a lesson.
After the grief and the sorrow, condition yourself to move on. Two steps forward one step backward, it doesn’t matter as long as you are moving on, slowly but surely.
The fact that you are still breathing means that there is still life. Lose hope not! There is a rainbow after the rain. There is life after the storm.



4. The Second Coming
Despite the forecast of PAG-ASA and the actions made by the LGUs of different towns and provinces, still typhoon Yolanda brought a devastating tragedy—loss lives, houses, properties, infrastructures. This is not the first time that the Philippines was hit by a strong typhoon. As a matter of fact, more or less twenty typhoons strike the country every year yet, we are still unprepared. Are we really learning?
Like a thief in the night, God will arrive unknowingly. Revelations 3: 3 states “Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.” No one knows the time, not even the Son, only the Father. If for instance instead of the raging of Typhoon Yolanda, it was God who arrived, are we all prepared to meet Him? Are our hearts ready to come with him in Heaven? Looking back to different scenarios broadcast in the television and some vids from the social media, I doubt it.
In spite of the dreadful calamity, there will always be a reason for us to be thankful. Thank God for He still gave us time to change. Now is the best time to repent and look to God. Let us turn back to Him and commit our lives before His second coming, before it is too late. Stop loving the wickedness of this world and start pleasing the Lord.
Believe it or not, without God we are nothing.

Repentance (2)

5. Be still
As I have said, If God could only come down and reply to the queries running in the minds of each of us. If we are to know the answers to every questions, I think it would take us lifetime and beyond. Who can fathom the depths of His wisdom? We are just humans. We have our limitations. What we need to do is trust Him with all our hearts and soul. He is the alpha and omega, the author of life. Know that He is too wise to make a mistake.

What if trials of this life
The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
Are your mercies in disguise?

Despite the distressing storms of life, despite the agony we are suffering, do not lose hope. Above all, do not turn away from God. Bow down and pray “Father You are king over the flood, I will be still know You are God”. With Him, the best is yet to come.

(Credit to the owners of the images used)

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Manny Pacquiao is back!


The Triumph

After two consecutive losses, the Filipino champ Manny Pacquiao had once again gained the victory during his recent match held at Macau,China against Brandon Rios. The 8th Division World Boxing Champion won via unanimous decision dedicating his victory to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.


The old and the new Manny

It is so amazing how God moved into his life. Before, Manny was involved in gambling, cockfighting and other vices. There were also reports that he cheated on his wife which had put their relationship on the rocks. However, everything has changed when he surrendered his life to Jesus. Manny Pacquaio now reads the Bible every day, share God’s word to many people, attends church services and Bible studies. Even in his gym, Bible verses can be seen everywhere to motivate him. He became faithful to his wife and they were even teased by reporters to be one of the sweetest couples. As a matter of fact, Jinkee, Pacman’s wife, is pregnant with their 5th child. The old has gone, the new has come.




The Highs and Lows

However, people were questioning his new found faith when he lost twice in a row, the latter of which he had been knocked out breaking his record. They say, his aggressiveness vanished because of pity to his opponent. But Manny never listened to what the people said. He believes that God knows His plans and He has a purpose for everything. He didn’t blame God nor question Him for not answering His prayer of triumph. He accepted his loss without hard feelings and his faith became stronger and deeper. He is now used by God to inspire and encourage people through sharing his own testimony.

Manny Pacquiao v Juan Manuel Marquez

After the fight, he was able to show the world and prove everyone that he still has the strength to be called The Champ despite negative comments that he must end his career if he will lose the battle for the third consecutive time. Critics also were somehow disappointed why he wasn’t able to knock-out Rios. Calmly, Pacquiao believed, “Boxing is not about killing each other, it’s all about entertaining people.”

He had shown us that we all go through highs and lows in life. It doesn’t matter how many times we fail and fall down. What matters most is standing up and facing life taking with us all the lessons we have learned from experiences. “We will rise up,” Manny said, which he did.

So to all boxers aspiring to beat him and end his career, just a little reminder, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is back!

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Coming Home to Jesus (Ang Huling Sulyap kay Dean Merlina V. Locquiao)


Dedicated, devoted-ang dalawang pang-uring ito ang sa tingin ko ay naglalarawan sa aming pumayapang Dean. Sa mga hindi nakakaalam, sa nilayu-layo ng kanyang pinanggalingan nakakarating parin siya ng alas siyete sa Centro Escolar University, Mendiola,Manila mula Cavite. Daig pa niya ang ibang Clinical Instructors at estudyante na sa malapit lamang nakatira. Samantala,ang uwi niya ay hindi mas maaga sa alas siyete ng gabi hanggang alas nueve.Sa tingin ko, sa sobrang pagmamahal ni Dean sa academe, nakaligtaan na niya pati ang pag-aasawa sapagkat ang CEU na ang kanyang naging kasintahan at kaming mga mag-aaral ang itinuring na niyang mga anak. Pagdating sa dedikasyon at kasipagan, 10/10 ang ibibigay kong grado niya.

Alam ng lahat ang pagiging strikto ni Dean. Maaaring ito ay dahil sa kagustuhan niyang maging maganda ang kalidad ng mga estudyanteng nagtatapos ng Nursing sa CEU. Sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa columnar at logbook sa Psychiatric Nursing?Sino ba naman ang hindi kinabahan sa pagtatanghal ng psychodrama?Sa pausong 3 synchronized quizzes at 2 personal quizzes, sa pagdadala dapat lagi ng aklat sa Pathophysiology at Medical Surgical Nursing, sa pahabaan ng pathophysiology at sa walang kamatayang Comprehensive Nursing Process.

Dati-rati, kapag nakikita ko na sa malayo si Dean, agad akong nagtatago at pupunta sa kabilang daan. Ang pakiramdam ko noon, nakakatakot kaya si Dean! Kayat’t kahit ako ay ihing-ihi na kapag nasulyapan kong pakalat-kalat siya sa may GDLSC babalik at babalik ako sa aming silid-aralan,sisilip hanggang sa makapasok na si Dean sa kanyang opisina at saka lamang ako tutungo sa CR. Nalaman ko rin dati sa mga naging ka-section naming na nalipat sa ibang klase na umaabot daw sila ng alas nueve ng gabi para sa mga make up class ni Dean at sila na lamang ang natitirang nagkakaklase sa ganung oras. Sa isip-isip ko noon, buti nalang pala hindi kami kay Dean!Natuwa ako noon na nakapagtapos ako ng Nursing na hindi siya naging professor. Subalit isang malaking kawalan pala ang hindi kami mahawakan ni Dean.


Ika-22 ng Mayo noong nalaman kong nakaconfine si Dean sa UST Hospital dahil sa Cancer. Nabigla ako sa balitang ito. Sa pisikal na anyo ni Dean, sino ang mag-aakala na may sakit pala siyang iniinda. Mukhang napakalakas pa niya noon. Subalit ang hindi alam ng nakararami ay unti-unti na pala siyang nauupos tulad ng isang kandila dahil sa pagdami ng cancer cells sa kanyang katawan. Binalak pa naming  dalawin si Dean  ngunit dahil na rin sa hindi magkatugma-tugmang schedule ay hindi na kami nakabisita hanggang isang araw, ginulat ang College of Nursing ng isang hindi magandang balita. Wala ng mas bibigat pa sa araw na iyon sa balitang, “Si Dean, pumanaw na.”Ika-23 ng hunyo sa dakong alas tres ng hapon, siya ay nalagutan na ng hininga isang buwan matapos mapabalitang naospital siya.

Dumagsa ang mga nakiramay sa social media. Marami ang nagpasalamat sa kabutihan ni Dean. Karamihan sa kanyang mga naging estudyante ay nasa iba’t ibang sulok na ng mundo, kinikilala sa propesyon at isanag malaking parte si Dean sa kanilang tagumpay.

Ninais naming masilayan si Dean sa huling pagkakataon at noong ika-26 ng Hunyo, napagkasunduan naming mga magkakaklase nung College na pumunta sa kanyang lamay. Kagustuhan marahil ng Diyos na sa huling araw ni Dean dito sa Manila kami magpunta(kinabukasan ay iuuwi na ang kanyang labi sa La Union) upang kami ay makadalo sa Necrological Service.

dean 2



(Ayon sa aking narinig sa Necrological Service)Si Dean Merlina V. Locquiao ay isinilang sa La Union noong ika-2 ng Oktubre taong 1960. Siya ang pangalawa sa pitong magkakapatid. Nagtapos siya ng kursong Bachelor of Science in Nursing sa Far Eastern University. Nagtrabaho ng dalawang taon sa UST Hospital at sa UST rin siya nakapagtapos ng kanyang Masters Degree. Naging Clinical Instructor siya sa CEU at di naglaon,matapos ang ilang taon ay naging Dean siya ng College of Nursing kung saan siya naglingkod ng 13 taon.

Lingid sa kaalaman ng karamihan na sa edad na 23 ay nagkarron na ng Chronic Kidney Failure si Dean at isa siyang kidney recipient. Ni sa hinagilap ay hindi koi yon inaasahan sapagkat sa postura ni Dean ay napakalakas niya. Abril ng taong 2011 ng napag-alamang may Breat Cancer siya at nitong taon nga ay nalamang kumalat na ang Cancer sa kanyang atay na siyang naging dahilan ng kanyang lubhang pagkakasakit na humantong sa kamatayan.

Sa pakikinig sa eulogy napakarami kong nalaman at natutunan kay Dean. Sa loob ng kanyang striktong imahe ay ang mapagmahak at mapagbigay na “ Merly”. Mapapaiyak ka sa iyong maririnig sa kanilang mga kwento. Marami ang naluha lalo na nag kanyang mga matagal ng nakasama sa industriya. Isang napakalaking kawalan ka Dean.



Habang nakaupo at nakatitig sa kanyang kabaong ako ay nagbalik tanaw sa mga ala-alang naiwan ng butihing dating namumuno sa Kolehiyo ng Nursing. Hindi ko mapigilang mapangiti sa mga kwentong pumasok sa isip ko. Hindi ko alam kung totoo nga bang nangyari ang mga ito subalit gusto kong maniwala at manatili ang mga ito sa aking isip.

Ayon sa sabi-sabi ng mga makukulit na estudyante, minsan daw habang pauwi si Dean sakay ng bus, mayroon siyang nakitang mag-aaral na nakapink gown na nakasabay niya pauwi. Ang estudyanteng ito raw ay nasa bandang likod ng sasakyan. Ang mapagbigay na si Dean, alam niyo ba ang ginawa? Nang araw na yaon, siya ay may dalang mga mansanas. Kumuha siya ng isa at pinaabot sa mga kapwa pasahero hanggang sa makarating sa estudyante.Ang isiping nahawakan na ng iba’t-iabng tao ang prutas ay balewala na at mas nakakalamang ang kaisipang napakagenerous at napakathoughtful ni Dean.Sa libu-libong estudyante, ilan na ba  sa kanila ang nabigyan ng pagkain ng isang Dean? Para sa akin isa ito sa pinaka ‘di malilimutang pangyayari. Kumusta na kaya ang estudyanteng ito?Maaaring isa na siya ngayong registered nurse. Nabalitaan na niya kaya ang nangyari kay Dean? Marahil sa tuwing nakakakita siya ng mansanas naaalala niya ang kabutihang naipakita ni Dean sa kanya.

Hindi lingid sa kaalaman ng mga estudyante na Psychiatric Nursing ang forte ni Dean. At dito nauugnany ang pangalawang kwento.Habang naglalakad kasama ang kanyang mga etudyante, isang agaw-pansing exhibitionist ang nakapukaw sa atensiyon ng ating dakilang guro. Sa mga takot at walang pakialam na katulad ko, maaaring hindi ko papansinin ang taong ito at magpapatuloy sa paglalakad subalit, ibahin natin si Dean!Ayon ulit sa sabi-sabi, kanya daw nilapitan ang taong wala sa tamang pag-iisip at gamit ang therapeutic communication, kanya itong tinanong ng “Ano po ang dahilan kung bakit niyo ipinapakita ang inyong maselang bahagi ng katawan?”Grabe!Habang pinapatakbo ko sa aking imahinasyon ang pangyayaring iyon, ‘di ko napigilang sambitin sa isip ko, “Si Dean talaga!”

Sa halos apat at kalahating oras naming pamamalagi at pakikidalamhati sa Loyola, nabigyan kami ng pagkakataon na masulyapan si Dean at makapag-alay ng bulaklak. Ito na an gaming huling sulyap sa kanya kaya naman sinulit na namin. Matagal din naming siyang pinagmasdan. Isang napakagandang puting filipiniana ang kanyang suot. Ang kanyang itim at unat na buhok na hanggang balikat ay ayos na ayos, napahiran din ng lipstick ang kanyang manipis na labi na sa wari ko ay nakangiti. Yun nga lang, marahil dahil sa pagkakasakit, pumayat si Dean, kita sa mukha at kanyang mga kamay subalit sa kabuuan, payapa ang napakaganda at mala-Tetchi Agbayaning mukha niya.Para lamang siyang natutulog ng napakahimbing.

Ang kamatayan ay dumarating na parang isang magnanakaw,walang paalam. Isang lingo bago pa ang masamang balita, nagkaroon ako ng nakakatakot na karanasan sa apat na miyembro ng mga kawatan na ang istilo ay mag-ipit ng barya para makapagnakaw. Hindi ko maiasang tanungin ang Diyos kung bakit sino ang mababait sila pa ang kalimitang nagkakasakit at kung sino pa ang mga halang ang loob ay sila pa itong matagal ang buhay!Hindi ba at parang hindi tama?Siguro kung ang mga magnanakaw na ito ang namatay kapalit ng buhay ni Dean, marami pa sigurong pwedeng natulungan si Dean at mababawasan pa ang perwisiyong dulot ng mga kawatang ito. Ngunit sino ang makakaarok sa katalinuhan ng Diyos? Ang kanyang pasya ay naganap na. Wala akong karapatang tanungin ang kanyang desisyon sapagkat tunay nga naman,ako ay likha lamang niya.

Nabasa ng pigil na luha ang aking mga mata sa salaysay ni Maam Raquel Cristobal nung minsang nagkasabay silang umuwi. “Raquel, hindi pa ako handa”, ika raw ni Dean.Sino ba naman ang handang harapin ang bagsik ni kamatayan? Ngunit ang lahat ay nangyayari ng may dahilan. Lahat ng to ay mamamaalam, gustuhin man natin o hindi. It is God who call the shots!Alam man ng lahat na ang Diyos nag siyang Dakilang Manggagamot subalit sa puntong iyon, ninais niyang kunin na si Dean. Sa paghihirap at pasakit na dulot ng Cancer, maaaring sabi ng Diyos kay Dean, “Anak tama na, nagawa mo na ang dapat mong gawin at natupad mo na ang iyong mga tungkulin. Panahon na para umuwi.Merly, come home now to Papa.” Wala na tayong magagawa kundi tanggapin ang katotohanan at magpasalamat sa Diyos dahil minsan sa ating buhay ay dumating at nakilala natin ang isang Dean Merlina V. Locquiao na isa sa naging mahalagang parte ng ating buhay bilang estudyante at ngayon bilang mga tagapag-alaga na.



Dean, nasaan ka man ngayon, alam kong masaya ka na sapagkat kasama mo na ang Ama sa lugar na kung saan wala ng problema, wala ng sakit at lungkot lahat ay masaya at maligayang nagpupuri sa may Likha. Isang malaking karangalan ang makilala ka at makasama naming sa loob ng apat na taon. Sa pagiging matigas ang ulo at pasaway namin noong kami ay mga estudyante pa lang, sana kami ay napatawad mo.Huli na ang lahat para masabi namin ito sa iyo ng harapan subalit alam ko ngayon sa langit dinig mo ang dasal ko. Marami pong salamat sa dedikasyon sa CEU, sa sobra-sobrang oras, araw, panahon na inialay niyo, sa pagpupuyat at pag-iisip ng mga solusyon upang maging maganda ang kalidad ng mga estudyanteng magtatapos mula sa College of Nursing.Mamimiss namin ang matigas at astig  na bati niyo ng “Good Morning”.Mamimiss namin ang hindi umiikling haba ng mga palda niyo.Mamimiss namin ang hanggang  balikat niyong buhok.Mamimiss naming ang pagiging istrikta subalit mapagmahal ninyong katangian. Sa panahon ng katagumpayan, isa ka Dean sa mga nararapat na pasalamatan at pag-alayan ng tagumpay.

 You may have gone too soon Dean yet I am certain that you will never ever be forgotten. You did your best shot and with that we are so grateful. You’ll forever stay in our hearts. All your efforts will never be put to waste.

Mula sa buong Section E Batch 2011, maraming-marami pong salamat Dean Merlina V. Locquiao. May you rest in peace.

 Hanggang sa muling pagkikita.Paalam…..


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Dare to go against the flow

Old fashioned values could provide a bulwark of protection from the worst mistakes.

 Let’s us take a look back in time.




Couple of decades ago, here is the scenario; Women wear baro’t saya; a man should marry a woman first before he could kiss her; before marriage, a man should serve the family of the woman by doing household chores; and, according to my late great grandmother, if a woman’s knee was seen by a man, he should marry her!

Time machine-NOW:


Young couple kissing in a city park.expecting_bride_large

Anywhere you go, you can see women wearing micro mini shorts/ skirts parading their long flawless legs not minding if their underwear pop out; Necklines of clothes mostly are plunging which makes you see the two twin peaks whenever a woman bows; Passionate kissing has been so normal even if a guy and a girl just met; Marriage had already been consummated before the couple faced the altar and the worst thing is they were force to get married because the woman is pregnant.

I think some would prefer living in a conservative, value-bounded world than in a liberated undisciplined generation of today. Oh well, we are created to live in this era for a reason.

No offense meant to those who performed such act…Reality bites.

I wonder what had happened to this generation. What probably had influenced us to live like that? What other transformations will the next kin probably see as they grow up? When you open the television, a child could probably watch a commercial about condom or a scene of a series/ movie about premarital sex, relationship or adultery. If that child goes out, he could probably see buildings (motels) were couples or even those who are not, spend time to feed the flesh. If he rides a jeepney, bus or LRT, there will be instances where he could witness couples kissing or petting. When he visits the park especially at night, a big possibility of witnessing couples making out is high. To think that what a child sees is what is right in his eyes!

I am not saying that all are doing it but many are executing it. I believe God is not pleased with what He sees.

It is alright to be fashionable but you must take care of yourself and be aware woman that you have the responsibility to protect the purity of your brothers. Watch what you wear and mind the place where you will go especially at the house of worship.

It is ok to be in love but not to the extent that you make out and show your affection to each other through physical means in public with an innocent child watching. Why, you want an audience? Take note of the location again and practice self-control. Sex should only come after marriage. There are so many risks that you could get when you fornicate so better get rid of it.

“But all of them are doing it!” This question must have played in your head. YES, it’s true but it doesn’t mean that if all are doing it, it is the right thing to do. God is watching. Our main goal is to please Him so think if those things you do pleases our almighty God. Dare to go against the flow, kid!

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Despite our effort of trying to be one of those in the labor force, we sometimes still end up unemployed. The competition is indeed getting stiffer but if we take things in a lighter view, maybe it’s God’s way of saying, “My son rest well today and worry not for tomorrow you’ll have a busy task to work on with, a task that requires sufficient strength that you’ll get from your rest and when that time comes you will be too busy to stop reaping the fruit of your hardship. Have faith in me!”