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Be Radical

 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

2 timothy 1:7

Did you know that it is our responsibility to share the gospel with the unbelievers? Did you know that it is your job to have those empty seats in the church be filled up? Why? Because God’s vision is our mission and that vision is salvation by bringing souls and making disciples.

Two things that prevent a Christian from sharing Jesus are fear and shame. For this day, I would like to focus more on fear. I am one of the many Christians who is not radical enough in proclaiming Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I honestly envy those youth who, at their very young age, were already courageous and bold enough to disseminate the way, the truth, and the life.

One of my most unforgettable moment was when I joined the house visit/ bible study of Jesus Christ the Great Shepherd Church. That day, we were tasked to visit reviewees who were about to take board examination that time. I was taken aback when my cell leader commanded me to share Romans 6: 23 to the three of them while she will share the same verse to another group. I thank God that I have prepared prior to the house visit. I was able to share salvation and it is an experience that is worth repeating.

God gave us not the spirit of fear so we must not be afraid of anyone or anything. Do not be afraid of rejection. Do not be afraid if the people whom you have shared the word of God is resistant. At least you did your part. It should be our love for God that will drive us to do our responsibility, our mission and not fear to control us. And when instances come that an individual is mocking or disrespecting our faith, remember that God gave us the power of self-control. Do not argue. Pause then pray for their enlightenment.


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When Love of Money is #1

But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.

1 Timothy 6:6-7

(The story of a discontented dog)

A dog had just finished its lunch and was lazing in the garden, when it saw a cat on top of a high wall, “It must feel so nice to be high above the ground. If only I could climb!” it thought. This feeling of envy made it so bad-tampered, that it would not even wag its tail at its master who came to give it some milk.

It next saw some goldfish in the aquarium and wished that it too could live in water. The water would keep it cool, it thought. Envy made it angry once again. Just then it heard the fish say: “It looks so nice and warm on the grass. I wish I too could lie down on it.”

Shortly a sparrow flew past. Seeing the dog lazing around, it said aloud: “I wish I could play all along like this dog. I wish I didn’t have to build myself a house, search for food and tire my wings.”

Listening to all of them the dog realized how foolish it was in not appreciating what it had.

It is so ironic that a lot of people work night and day just to build a mansion but will end up sleeping in their cars or workplace instead of lying in their comfy bed at night. What’s more ironic is that most people who are working endlessly aim to buy expensive things to please the people whom they don’t even like! The sad part in this situation is that their love of money overcomes their love of God. The time that should be spent on God is already used for money-earning matters.

There is nothing wrong with working hard to earn money. Of course, we need money to buy our basic needs, to pay our bills, to survive basically. However, it is the love of money that destroys our relationship with God. When we prioritize money above all else, we forget who should be the center of our lives—JESUS.

Raise the standard of giving not your standard of living. There is nothing wrong with living a simple life in a simple home equipped with simple things. Be humble just like Jesus. Be content in what in what you have for it is in contentment that we find real happiness, the man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest (Henry David Thoreau). In fact, none of the material things will be brought to where we will stay forever, in heaven or Hell. But, if we utilize our money and resources to proclaim the word of God, we can bring our family, friends, or even the whole nation in the Kingdom of God.

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The Hidden Truth

So also good works are conspicuous, and even those that are not cannot remain hidden

1 Timothy 5:25

Be careful of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be mindful of your frenemies. There are those who are kind when they are with you but stabs your back through words that destroy you. There are people who “love” to help others because they have something to gain in return. Be observant of those who do good works for a show.

On the other side of the coin, there are people who remain humble despite the number of good works they have done to their fellowmen. They never brag to the whole world that they were able to donate to the victims of the typhoon or that they were able to sponsor street children’s schooling.

God sees everything that we do. He knows our hidden motives. He feels what our heart says. Do not be dismayed if no one is noticing the good deeds that you have done because, at the right time, God will reward you. Do not get tired of doing what is right.

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Hope of the future

12 Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

1 Timothy 4: 12

Teenage pregnancy, juvenile crimes, drug addiction, these are just some problems of the society that involves the so-called “Hope of the future”. It feels so sad to hear news about riots which involves these group of people. There are even cases of murdering and the suspect is not even feeling remorse. This is not the situation that the parents ever wanted.

On the other hand, there are youths who are going the other way. They are the ones who shine hard to finish their studies despite their financial or financial incapacity. They are the ones who have deep faith in God, who are not ashamed of the Gospel. It hurts to hear the oldies say “Kabataan nga naman ngayon” (Kids these days!) which connotes negative image to the youth. But I believe, there is still hope for the hope of the future.


retrieved from Christianity Malaysia


Youth, let us be a great example for the next generations. Dare to go against the flow. Save yourself for marriage. Do not engage in premarital sex. Focus on your studies and get a degree. Respect your fellowmen. Avoid people who influence you to do unlawful things.

Use your energy as a youth to share the gospel with your friends, to your family, to other people through text, Facebook, or twitter. Be a good example. Read your Bible. Prove that there still are youths of today who can become the inspiration of tomorrow because of Jesus.

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1 Timothy 2:9 Women

Likewise, also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,

1 Timothy 2:9

The definition of being sexy and beautiful had changed over time. No wonder women have their standards when it comes to the beauty products and treatments they use. Before, swimsuits were considered improper because it shows too much skin, now, skimpy two pieces are sold out in the open and some beaches even prohibit swimming if you are not wearing one. How time has changed.

However, the standards of God will always be the same yesterday, today and forever. He looks into the heart, not on physical appearance. Better be a woman with modesty. Wear dresses properly. Remember girls, we have the responsibility of protecting the purity of our brothers and wearing too tight too short clothes will surely not do the deed. Do not spend too much money on gold jewelry or expensive bags and shoes. Rather, give to the needy, to the homeless, to the starving.

If we want to marry a godly man, be a godly woman while waiting for him to come along. Tell the world that there are still women out there who are simple but breathtakingly gorgeous because God is the center of their lives. There is no harm in becoming that woman.


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Blood Saves Lives

The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.

1 Timothy 1: 15

Dengue fever is one of the most endemic communicable diseases in the country. Because almost every family had at least one or more members who suffered from the illness, others take it for granted. For this very reason, a lot of patients who were rushed to the hospital were already at the worst stage of bleeding which leads to death.

My brother was one of the victims of Aedes Egypti, the mosquito which carries Dengue Fever. He was in elementary when he had the disease. His platelet dropped and blood transfusion was necessary. Glory to God, a kind donor donated his blood and my brother’s platelet increased thereafter. Today, my brother is now a Civil Engineer. Thanks be to God! Thanks be to the person who donated his blood.

Blood saves lives. Isn’t it that the blood of Jesus which saved us from the slavery of sin? All because of Jesus, who was crucified and died, we can inherit the kingdom of God and we can live in eternity. The wages of sin is death but God is so gracious, that those who believes in his son Jesus will be rewarded with eternal life.

Without the blood of Jesus, we’re all doomed to suffer in the blazing fire of hell.

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Overcoming the Flesh

But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

Life brings us various types of difficulties, of different levels. Some are hard to solve while some only take time. For instance, addiction. When a person is addicted, may it be to computer games, to pornography, to eating, selfies, etc., there is the willingness to quit but the force of temptation is so strong. At the end of the day, the person will succumb to the will of the flesh. Another example is the problems we face in every step of the way. There are times when the enemy will discourage you. People will throw negative comments about you and your situation. And if you are weak, you might believe them.

Temptation comes from the flesh of man. As long as a man is in the flesh. There is the presence of temptation to sin. The spirit must be allowed to overcome the flesh. So, when we are tempted to surrender to our addiction, we know now what to do. We must allow the Spirit of Christ within us to be our Lord and guide us in everything. The Spirit will overcome the flesh and keep us from evil.

There are many who do not have faith in the Lord. These are people who speak what is opposed to the word of God. Be still. God is keeping His promises for He is faithful. When you have a problem, pray! God will guard you against the evil one. Choose wisely to whom you will voice out your concern because if you confess it with the wrong person, you might be doomed to something worse than your problem.