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What sin does

Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the LORD their God, and David their king, and they shall come in fear to the LORD and to his goodness in the latter days (Hosea 3:5)

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We are the redeemed and our Redeemer lives. For all have sinned and had done wicked things, we deserve to die. However, because of God’s love for us, He gave his only Son to set us free from sin and its consequence which is death. God’s gift is eternal life through Christ Jesus.

God is so good for He has given us not just one, two or three chances. He is willing to forgive us from all our wrongdoings. All we need to do is repent, turn away from evil and start walking in Spirit. We need not crucify ourselves to be forgiven. Christ had already done that many years ago.

Sometimes we feel so unworthy of God’s love. Because we have done a lot of wicked things, we feel filthy and undeserving so we tend to be ashamed of what we have done. This makes a gap between our relationship with God. This is what sin does. It disrupts our communication with God. But be aware that God is faithful and just if we confess our sins.

Grab the chance to turn back to God while we still have plenty of time because when His second coming arrives, we may not be able to live eternal life with Him if we still choose to stay as our old selves. Return now and seek the Lord.

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And I will punish her for the feast days of the Baals when she burned offerings to them and adorned herself with her ring and jewelry, and went after her lovers and forgot me, declares the LORD. (Hosea 2:13)


Have you ever been in love? They say that love is the greatest feeling ever. Some even do crazy things for it. Some risks everything just to experience it. Several instances occurred wherein a son/ daughter is disowned because of choosing his/her lover instead of following what their parents wanted. When you want to love someone and be loved by someone, be prepared to take the risks. All out love is sacrifice.

Now what if the one you love the most—-whom you have given all that you have, whom you had risk everything, will one day find someone whom he thinks is much better than you? What if one day he left you to be with someone else? What if he/she says that his love for you has fade away? What if during your relationship he has another aside from you? Will you ever bear to love someone who is unfaithful?

If I was cheated by my lover, I would never ever forgive him. The fact that I did my all for him and he just waste it to be with someone is unforgiveable. Have you ever been unfaithful or has someone been unfaithful to you?

I never had a boyfriend since birth but I know that I have been unfaithful to someone. How come this had happened when I am not committed to a relationship?

I must be committed to God. However, most of the time I take Him and His words for granted. I spent my 24 hours doing worldly things and often times I do not give time to do my devotion. I browse the internet for hours while I read His words only for few minutes.

I have come to realize that I should hate myself because of being unfaithful too. God had loved us so much that He gave His only Son to forgive our sins and yet, what are we doing? We are worshipping this world by doing things that feeds the flesh and not the Spirit. Because of succumbing to the will of this world, we forgot that we have a God who had sacrificed so much.

Thank God for His mercy and grace. There is still time for us to fix our life. There is no need to hate ourselves because God is willing to forgive us and we could start on a clean slate basis. Starting now, live a life that focuses on God above other things.Do not wait for our unfaithfulness to be punished!

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The venom of failure

35 and some of the wise shall stumble, so that they may be refined,purified, and made white, until the time of the end, for it still awaits the appointed time

(Daniel 11:35)

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Failure can be divided into those who thought and never did and those who did and never thought. But of course some fail because it is not the right time yet to succeed.

You know what is the best thing about failure? It is learning. For every experience of misfortune leaves a lesson in life that will mould us to become better and better as we walk our way to success. No one is immune to failure. Everyone will encounter stumbling and falling. What is important is that we stood up and continue life. And just so you know, most of the successful persons had failed a thousand times before they had reach their dreams. Even the wisest of the wise had experience the venom of failure.

God’s children are wise because we desire to please God and anyone who lacks wisdom can ask God who gives generously. However, God allows failure to come into our life because He loves us so. He wants us to be refined, purified and made white until His perfect time arrives. So if we fail, we must not be discouraged. Instead, the more should we become optimistic and use that experience as a stepping stone to reach our dreams.

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God hears our prayers

12 Then he said to me, “Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words. 

(Daniel 10:12 ESV)

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There are days when we feel like we are fighting this battle alone. We cry out to God yet answers to prayers has been hard to chase. Sometimes, we think that God is not listening to our pleas. Was there a time that God did not hear our prayers?

Sin disrupts our communication with God. Because of our wicked works and filthy motives, some prayers has been left unanswered. However, if like David we had set our hearts to understand and humbled ourselves before God, certainly our prayers and pleas were all heard. The thing that makes it seem like it was not answered is because of God’s perfect timing. We want answers in an instant. Yet God wants to deliver blessings at the right time.

The verse above says fear not for your words have been heard. God’s trunk line is always open and never busy. We need not doubt if our prayers have been heard or not. If we are doing our part of obeying His words and pleasing Him, above all else, we could expect Him to give the desires of our heart. Pray without ceasing and one day it will be granted. Quitters will never reach what they want to have while those who wait patiently are those who will receive much more than what they had ask for. Remember that with Jesus, the best is yet to come.

On the other hand, if our prayers had not been answered, be thankful still. God knows what He is doing. Sometimes, unanswered prayers are God’s gifts.

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The Rebels

we have sinned and done wrong and acted wickedly and rebelled, turning aside from your commandments and rules. We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes, and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. To you, O Lord, belongs righteousness, but to us open shame, as at this day, to the men of Judah, to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Israel, those who are near and those who are far away, in all the lands to which you have driven them, because of the treachery that they have committed against you. To us, O Lord, belongs open shame, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against you. To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against him (Daniel 9:5-9)

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What is life before we knew Jesus? How do we live when we haven’t surrendered our life yet to Christ? Has the Lord brought big impact to the way we live the same way we did when we were still under the slavery of sin?

No one will probably stand in the midst of all of us and proclaim that he/she is blameless. For all have sinned and done wrong. We all disobeyed. We did things that did not glorify nor please God. But our God is gracious and merciful. Instead of us, it was Christ who is holy that was crucified to set us free from sin. When we had accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our filthy hearts were cleansed and purified. One thing that God cannot see, would you believe, are our sins when it is covered by the blood of Jesus.

Because we have been cleansed, we should do our part too. Do not take for granted what Christ had sacrificed. Show the world how Christians act by getting rid of temptations and walking uprightly. A change in the way we live should happen, from wicked living to righteous living. Turn your backs from the past and start walking in Spirit. In such a way we will not only please God. We can make a big impact to this world by showing them that a life with Christ makes it worth living.

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The Culprit (Lamentations 5:15-16)

The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning.

The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned!

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Have you ever felt that God seem so far? You pray every day yet it seems that God is not listening? Sin could be the culprit. It hinders our relationship with Him. It is the barrier that separates us from God.

Do not trade short term happiness to long term suffering. What is the reason why Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden? Why was God angry when the Israelites made and worshiped the golden calf? Why did David’s son died? The reason behind is sin. They had sinned and they were punished. Their joy had been turned into mourning.

But all have sinned and no one is righteous, you might say. That is right, that’s why Christ was sent from heaven to save us because we are all sinners. Yet, once we have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior and we are already cleansed by the Spirit, God sees us as pure individuals. For that reason, we should sin no more. Though there will be times that we commit one, repent immediately. Ask for God’s forgiveness and be cleansed then continue to walk in Spirit.

Choose to attain true joy by doing things righteously than mourn in eternity because you had sinned and hadn’t confessed or because you had already knew Jesus’ existence yet you hesitated to surrender your Life to Him.

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Worry free (Jeremiah 51:15-16)

15 “It is he who made the earth by his power,
    who established the world by his wisdom,
and by his understanding stretched out the heavens.
16 When he utters his voice there is a tumult of waters in the heavens,
    and he makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth.
He makes lightning for the rain,
    and he brings forth the wind from his storehouses.

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There is no need for us to worry about our life. The verse above just shows how powerful our great God is and because we are His children, know for a fact that HHHe wouldn’t leave our side. He can make impossible things to happen. He can command mountains to move from here to there. Therefore, how hard our trials in life may be would never ruin the truth that our God is greater.

He had established this world years ago. He made everything from nothing! This means God can provide our needs. We just have to ask Him. He has an infinite wisdom that no man can fathom, whatever the plans He has for us, the thing is, it is what’s best for us! Whatever we are going through are processes that He made for us to become better. He can do anything.

If God is the greatest, who can be against Him? Here is the thing, If God is with us, who can be against us? We were created to enjoy life to its fullest. To many, this fact may seem hard to reach but if the center of our life is God and we continually obey His words, life would indeed be worth living.Be worry free!

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The conceited peeps (Jeremiah 50:32)

The proud one shall stumble and fall, with none to raise him up, and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and it will devour all that is around him.


God wants us to humble ourselves. If there is anything that we should be proud of, that is having Him in our life, not fame, popularity, wealth or success. For everything that we have is from God, without Him we are nothing.

Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble thyself will be exalted. Recall the story of David and Goliath. At first it was Goliath who was standing proud. Because he was a giant, he thought that no one could defeat him. Until David came, who was filled with the Holy Spirit and possessed strong faith. The later, as we know, made the victory and cut this giant’s head off.

There is nothing good in being boastful. No one wants to be a friend of someone whose lips always speaks words that glorifies himself. Know for a fact that the proud one will one day stumble and fall. If the people around you are not comfortable with you because of being boastful, who would help you in times of need? Others might say, “He deserves it anyway!”

Let us practice the art of humility just like how Christ did when He was here on Earth. He was born in a manger, He washed the feet of the apostles. He was never proud. If our Maker who is a King of Kings humbled himself, why on earth we His creations have the guts to be arrogant?

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Fear not! (Jeremiah 46:28)

Fear not, O Jacob my servant, declares the LORD, for I am with you. I will make a full end of all the nations to which I have driven you, but of you I will not make a full end. I will discipline you in just measure, and I will by no means leave you unpunished.

Too many calamities had struck this world. Many lives were lost. Many properties were devastated. Yet we are still here standing strong despite the tough situations.

“Fear not!” God said, for we have a Savior. He gives what is due. Sometimes the reason why these calamities happen is because of our carelessness. Nature just returns what we give to it. For instance, due to our wrong ways of throwing garbage, these trashes enter drainages and impede the good flow of water. When strong rains come, the drainage can no longer hold too much water because of the trashes that had lodged there. Water will not be absorbed easily thus, flood occurs. Trashes could be seen floating anywhere and when the flood subsides, the area look like a dumpsite. Such a mess!

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Know for a fact that we are being disciplined because of our actions. It is not a natural occurrence that should always be blamed because we have a fault too. But, God said that He will discipline us in just measure. If we are being echo friendly, therefore we should not fear. All illegal actions of our fellowmen that poses a threat should be reported and corrected so that they too may be spared from punishment.

This does not only refer to calamities but also with life’s trials and problems. If we are being disciplined, fear not for the Lord is with us. He will protect us along the way. We just have to follow His lead.

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The Father’s command (Jeremiah 35:14-15)

Jehonadab son of Rekab ordered his descendants not to drink wine and this command has been kept. To this day they do not drink wine, because they obey their forefather’s command. But I have spoken to you again and again, yet you have not obeyed me.  Again and again I sent all my servants the prophets to you. They said, “Each of you must turn from your wicked ways and reform your actions; do not follow other gods to serve them. Then you will live in the land I have given to you and your ancestors.” But you have not paid attention or listened to me.

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One of the things that each of us should learn is the art of obedience. I myself is still in the process of developing the art of following commands.

We children, once of many times in our life, had been disobedient to rules and regulations. If a survey would be done, only a few will be found to be law abiding citizens. “You can eat anything except the fruit of the tree located at the center of the Garden,” God said. However, Eve and Adam did not obey God and so is the start of their life outside the paradise of Eden.

Why do we often disobey? Some reasons include desire for independence, curiosity, stubbornness or slothfulness. Whatever our reasons are, it is not right to disobey especially if the result of following what we are instructed is for our own good. Notice, those who obey are those who enters the right track and they can expect good things to come their way.

Jonas was swallowed by the big fish when he refused to go and spread God’s words in Nineveh. Moses did not see the promise land because he struck the rock in Horeb instead of speaking to it just as what he was told to. On the other hand, Noah survived the great flood because he followed what God had commanded Him. Joseph, despite his doubt of Mary’s innocence took care of mother Mary and followed what the angel had told him. These stories are just some of the biblical situations that had happened showing the difference of obedience and disobedience results.

We know now for a fact the possible effects of disobedience. The logic is so simple, obey and be blessed or go on your own way and accept the consequence. The answer is in our hands.