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And I will punish her for the feast days of the Baals when she burned offerings to them and adorned herself with her ring and jewelry, and went after her lovers and forgot me, declares the LORD. (Hosea 2:13)


Have you ever been in love? They say that love is the greatest feeling ever. Some even do crazy things for it. Some risks everything just to experience it. Several instances occurred wherein a son/ daughter is disowned because of choosing his/her lover instead of following what their parents wanted. When you want to love someone and be loved by someone, be prepared to take the risks. All out love is sacrifice.

Now what if the one you love the most—-whom you have given all that you have, whom you had risk everything, will one day find someone whom he thinks is much better than you? What if one day he left you to be with someone else? What if he/she says that his love for you has fade away? What if during your relationship he has another aside from you? Will you ever bear to love someone who is unfaithful?

If I was cheated by my lover, I would never ever forgive him. The fact that I did my all for him and he just waste it to be with someone is unforgiveable. Have you ever been unfaithful or has someone been unfaithful to you?

I never had a boyfriend since birth but I know that I have been unfaithful to someone. How come this had happened when I am not committed to a relationship?

I must be committed to God. However, most of the time I take Him and His words for granted. I spent my 24 hours doing worldly things and often times I do not give time to do my devotion. I browse the internet for hours while I read His words only for few minutes.

I have come to realize that I should hate myself because of being unfaithful too. God had loved us so much that He gave His only Son to forgive our sins and yet, what are we doing? We are worshipping this world by doing things that feeds the flesh and not the Spirit. Because of succumbing to the will of this world, we forgot that we have a God who had sacrificed so much.

Thank God for His mercy and grace. There is still time for us to fix our life. There is no need to hate ourselves because God is willing to forgive us and we could start on a clean slate basis. Starting now, live a life that focuses on God above other things.Do not wait for our unfaithfulness to be punished!