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On Eagle’s Wings (Isaiah 31:5)

Like birds hovering, so the Lord of hosts
    will protect Jerusalem;
he will protect and deliver it;
    he will spare and rescue it.


As a kid, have you ever experienced a situation wherein you were so frightened? You were screaming at the top of your lungs and suddenly your parents came to the rescue, the fear instantly diminished and you felt relieved? It’s like the case of the little chicks rescued by mother eagle from the hunters or from other animals wanting to devour them.

The verse above doesn’t only apply to the people of Jerusalem. I believe He is referring to Christians existing all over this wide world. All His promises will come to pass. He mentioned that He will protect us and deliver us. No weapon formed against us shall remain. He will spare us from this world’s destruction and will rescue us from calamities.

Despite climate change, bad weathers and disasters, we should never lose hope. We must hold on to our faith. Even that hope is as thin as a strand of hair. When you think of all the miracles that God has done, when you recall the words He had stated, that hope will be strengthened. On the Eagle’s Wings we are safe and secured, on Eagle’s wings, He will take control, take over. Hide in the shadow of His wings and be covered by God’s mightiness and goodness.

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